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  • This pair of sandals is not ordinary, wear 4 words: high white

    In this hot summer season with long legs, girls want to have their own long legs. They can stretch their legs in high heels to make up for their lack of height. The thick sandals adidas sneakers integrate women's amazing charm into footwear design, providing a very fashionable walking sign for current urban female friends. In the summer, a pair of hollow sandals is essential. Sandals can be used to highlight feminine highlights. Not only does the upper body stretch the body, but it also has a big name and a strong gas field. Wear this cool, sexy sandal with an elegant split skirt to show off your sexy look. Maybe people will stop adidas stan smith and hang around because of its beautiful appearance?

    The whole body of the shoes is made of high-quality suede leather. All that is seen is suede leather, which is anti-kipskin. It feels comfortable and breathable, and the foot adidas superstar feels great. The suede leather texture and the summer are clear and fashionable. The buckled design of the fashion buckle design is full of texture, so that the shoes reveal a fashionable and confident taste, elegant elegance of the elegant identity of this highlight. Solid and thick with the design of the foot is very comfortable and steady focus support the root point of focus to prevent the rough with the tilt state to walk more stable and comfortable and lightweight. Inside the insole with ultra-fibre production on the foot is more soft, not a kind of insole hard to do with the edge of the process does not degumming, touch like skin soft, breathable, comfortable and sweat-absorbent, not smelly feet keep feet dry at any time. The soles are made of beef-ribbon rubber to produce special non-slip textures. They don't need to worry about walking at random on rainy days. The rubber texture is soft and comfortable. It has super elastic wear-resistance and is not easy to aging.

    2018-05-24 10:10:17
  • Cool sandals can replace sandals

    Since the bathroom sandals and slippers have all embarked on the star-studded red carpet, adidas store more and more fashion icons have fallen in love with light and comfortable sandals and slippers. In the summer, its popularity has only increased, and there is a tendency to replace sandals. , Also, the advantages of sandals it has, but it is simple and convenient but sandals can not provide. The celebrities and bloggers have created a good start for the girls. The cool slippers are also keeping up with the trend. It has long been not the old style that was limited to the indoor wear and the elegance, and it is particularly important. It is that it completely liberated the sturdy feet, and it does not have to step in with the fashion and hate the sky! I dont need to buy sandals in the summer because sandals and slippers are a good thing. A slim high heel still makes you shine. The beautiful curvature of the shoes can still convey 10,000 kinds adidas boots of styles. Transparent lacing reveals the beauty of the machine. The feet are more secure and do not affect the entire style. Wear sandals, feel the same stereotypes, and in the sandals and slippers above you can find a lot of unexpected elements, such as these little holes is not super personality, in addition to highlight the creative, which can breathe the adidas superstar feet inside, play Turning to alternatives also takes into account practicality.

    Exquisite net yarn, small fish head, brilliant diamonds, and intimate waterproof platform design, although it is cool and slippers, but there is no meaning at all casually, rest assured with a variety of beautiful skirts, swaying Variety, enjoy the envious eyes of everyone. It is super easy to wear the small rough and continue to hot, sandals + thick, super easy to control, the whole pair of shoes affixed with a convenient, stylish label, the metal-like light set off their feet very delicate, but also greatly enhance the texture, Vagueness also adidas running shoes exudes a sexy taste. The sweet muffin bottom is combined with a unique hollow lace, and the temperament instantly rises. The dignified and graceful art van is worth savoring, giving the foot a soft and beautiful landscape, and the beautiful slippers and slippers are all seductive. No wear. Joker does not lose in the small white shoes, generous does not lose in the sandals, if there is such a pair of cool slippers in front of you, ask your own feet know, this summer other shoes can not be considered, do not bend over Hands tie your shoes, wear them on your feet, and drag on your feet. Is there a better experience than this?

    2018-05-22 10:19:06
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