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  • Stylish to toe? adidas superstar This pair of sandals makes you look good for a summer!

    With the sudden rise in temperature, you must have taken a cool summer outfit and ready to go with it. At this time, there is not a pair of sandals? ! The popularity of PVC this year really covers the whole body, from bags and accessories to clothes and pants, and naturally, ultimately, shoes. The thin, transparent sandals are visually as if no shoes were worn. The feeling of barefooting the entire foot reflects the feeling of summer, which can increase your adidas sneakers level of fashion. The intention of the Muller shoe is the high-heeled shoe that is wrapped around the heel of the foot and only reveals the heel. With the development of the trend, there are now toes Mueller shoes, flat Mueller shoes, pointed Mueller shoes, but the exposed heel is still a necessary condition. Muller sandals style slippers, but also summer girls favorite.

    Compared with the mature word sandals, adidas new shoes strappy high-heeled sandals are full of many girls. This strappy heel sandals, whether with open-leg pants or retro mini dresses are a good choice. Black strappy high-heeled sandals, paired with the same color black and white striped suit pants, the whole person can appear a trace of capable. What's in your adidas sneakers shoe? Are you ready for your fashion to tiptoe!

    2018-05-19 10:12:10
  • Cement killer, actual combat basketball shoes

    The eclectic sports boys can't casually wear themselves on the sports field. Not to mention the equipment on the basketball battlefield and the comfortable and handsome basketball shoes are more convenient. Show skills. In the selection of basketball shoes, we must fully consider the performance of the shoes, combined with their own habits, foot shape and position on the field, choose their own basketball shoes, so that the court can not afford to lose. The woven upper is more compact and lighter than the 2nd generation, with a composite lining, which not only reduces the weight of the sneaker but also achieves adidas sneakers excellent support packageability. adidas store The engraving on the big bottom is very characteristic. It is a divergent water ripple road inspired by the Flower Brothers and the design of the front and rear palms separates the front and back. The midsole of the shoes uses the front and back palm core technology cushioning pieces, and the inner and outer double-sided TPUs are added to the midsole to increase the torsional resistance, and some of the shoes are extended upwards to achieve very good stability.

    The adidas outlet 3rd generation canceled the iconic strap design and added spike-like ribs on the back of the shoe body, giving a very sharp impression. The shoelace system has also been improved, and the front end has added holes to make the shoelaces more packaged and more suitable for breakthroughs. The feeling behind the feet is hard, and there is only a small zoom in the back of the palm. The cushioning is not obvious. However, the soles are spherically curved, so that the feet can be more in line with the ground during the break, so the grip and startability are the biggest highlights of this shoe. The so-called workers must first sharpen their tools for the good of the thing. For the actual combat party, it is necessary to have a pair of adidas originals basketball shoes for the field. Does this series of shoes have a strong desire to read?

    2018-05-17 10:09:05
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