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  • Pointed shoes of the elegant, feminine full of intellectual beauty

    Summer, this love and hate the goblin came again, in order to spend this lovely summer, not a few shot of the pointed shoes how to do, that pointed shoes have to mention it Elegant, it's intellectual, it's charming, so that the whole people are more adidas originals than a little temperament of the feeling, feminine full of pointed shoes, only through the people will appreciate its beauty. Shoes, I like these pointed shoes, whether it is fat feet can hold Hold. Elegant style coupled with elegant colors, so the perfect pointed shoes do not love people do not love. Fight sandals. To the hot summer, whether it is a star supermodel or street beat bloggers, have exposed their feet, chose the most temperament of the pointed shoes, color design is to highlight the whole person's temperament, elegant + chic The perfect combination.

    Bow tie shoes Bow design all of a sudden so that the whole shoes are a bit more cute and lovely taste, coupled with the tip after the integration into a bit of intellectual and elegant feeling, in order to set off the feeling of the whole shoe, choose the flat shoes, high sister will like of. Pointed thick with high heels. Speaking of rough heels, we love it elegant, we love it comfort, we love it more charming, classic pointed heel shoes with full of temperament color, exquisite rivets dotted the entire shoe body, like Not shining in the crowd. Suede shallow mouth pointed shoes. At first glance to see this pair of shoes when there is a kind of heart feeling, suede shoes in the summer, a little more special feeling, the classic pointed shallow mouth shape to the whole shoe a little more temperament, So perfect shoes with elegant you most suitable. Riveted high heels. This is a high sister, low sister adidas store can Hold live shoes, although the high heels, but the heel is very stable, walking will not have the feeling of discomfort, a small pair of shoes will rivets, straps, Is perfect. Pointed shallow mouth flat shoes. Comfortable flat shoes has been the street shooting LOOK common single product, wild, good wear is its advantages, coupled with the classic pointed design, the little more than a little woman's charming, gentle water color Give you the feeling of first love. Side of the fight with flat shoes. This shoe two colors are very deep in my heart, pink hit color design more cute and lovely feeling, dark hit color and a little more than a woman's sense of charm, coupled with feminine full of pointed design, Full of elegance full of temperament. Cat heels. Hot cat with a shoe on the market by the countless people sought after, whether it is adidas running shoes banquet or concave shape adidas stan smith is a good choice, sweet bow is the finishing touch, beautiful fashion you need a pair of elegant and extremely pointed shoes Highlight the fashion taste.

    2017-08-16 11:11:56
  • Board shoes adidas boots with clothes are not the same street fashion

    Swept for a long time the shoes have been no "outdated" signs, shoes are fashionable pedestrian street shoot must be concave concave single product. Not only wearing comfortable, with different clothes will be able to interpret a different style. Plate shoes with clothes, fun is not the same street fashion. The Winter can wear shoes! In fact, this pair of classic shoes, all year round can wear, it is important how to match. A unique golden coat with yellow brown camouflage plate shoes, want to Zhuangshan is difficult Together, high-heeled shoes are presented on the fashionable stage!

    Even if the cold, girls are not willing to choose clumsy down jacket, however, as long as you will match, down jacket can wear more fashion adidas shoes than the coat! Body blue with a layering to create a sense of color, bright color allows you adidas superstar to stand out in the crowd, Coupled with a pair of pink shoes add a little romantic. Pajamas wind blowing from the early spring to the early winter, did not see the decline, the whole body with a white will never go wrong, plus a Paris family of fur shawl as a decoration, pocketed the rate. Handsome rebellious locomotive leather jacket, with the shoes, into the movement of the atmosphere, the whole look are many times. Autumn and winter season how to get a comfortable warm sweater, whether it is a cardigan or a jacket sweater, as long as you choose a pair of white or black shoes, upper body sweater color casually you play will not go wrong. Suit adidas stan smith control to see over, "disguised as men" style has always been very popular, but the suit is usually too formal, with a pair of shoes to wear, to break the serious sense, handsome than her boyfriend!

    2017-08-15 11:16:47
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