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"Break up" high heels, may you fall in love with flat shoes!

Seasonal big fight, in the buy buy to buy a large list of which there is no shoes this? As a good wear not tired and high value of the No. 1, be sure to choose a pair of their own flat shoes, whether it is a star or overseas bloggers almost a pair of hands, do not love not work! Although the habit of knowing that hate days to become taller to pick a feminine, but it is too hard to wear it! It is better to change double flat shoes it! Small white shoes in the popularity of flat shoes in the top of the list, is that everyone has to receive a Oh, absolutely wild style, there is no control of the no!

For women, to control a pair of flat shoes than to control a pair of high heels to be easy, not too much skill, as long as the dress is comfortable, will let it become light Mature! Girl, reluctantly on your high heels that break it, flat shoes is your true love Oh! Flat leather shoes with the first layer of leather, good leather can see, pig leather insole with 0.5 cm sea wave cotton, soft rubber outsole, comfortable enough, fashion Velcro design, the trend is more convenient, no inside the design, The first layer of Pitt has pores, summer feet need to breathe Oh! Leather round round shoes with the first layer of leather, good cowhide is visible Oh, pig leather insole with 0.5 cm sea of ??cotton, soft rubber outsole, shoelaces with a fixed band, do not tie, save The lace of the troubles, adidas shoes and very beautiful, followed by the use of matte leather design, anti-wear feet, there are very fashionable.

Thick white sandals this little white shoes on the beauty of the United States in that touch of red above, really very nimble it, comfort is also very high, very modified foot type, shoe type also want to be good, small white shoes Wild really super adidas store good, pants skirt are able to match. Lace small white shoes every year a small white shoes come again ~ classic wild not from the fashion, the feet really too comfortable, and I have been wearing Oh! First of all, wild, what shirt you can choose it, all can hold live, the upper is the lace design, not monotonous, simple and good-looking, but also adidas tennis shoes very casual. Wild shoes upper use of PU material, insoles with comfortable honeycomb structure of the insole, comfortable shoes, yet stylish cute Oh, arch-shaped lasts, lasting stereotypes, to the feet enough space, walking completely afraid of tired Oh! Flat with the bow shoes shoes uppers lap round lap cut, very delicate, there is no burr, a very literary and artistic, Kawada with floral shirt and adidas shoes skirt, black classic wild, khaki color retro old, literary feelings The kind of feeling Oh, immediately you incarnate as a beautiful little sister pointed heels fashion pointed design, fully reflects the female's sexy and beautiful, inside the use of high-quality breathable imitation leather, so that your feet keep breathing smooth, Suture uniform, needle and thread fine solid, smooth lines more of a elegance, uphold the height and temperament with the flat, with the design more reasonable.