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2017 summer, these footwear must start

We often will be color, clothes style, hair looks old and obsolete to attract, and for these places carefully, but forget the importance of shoes in the overall wear, we always have a adidas new shoes special feeling of shoes. Such as "classic", "wild" ... and so on, maybe you often feel that the body is very perfect, but always less what, how to wear is not like street shooting people like fashionable type? It may be in the selection of shoes on the emergence of a problem. Round high heels easy to make you look too old-fashioned, conservative, try if you wear a new shirt-style dress, with rounded high heels will look like a mother to prepare the parents, Slightly too formal and serious. On the contrary, accompanied by pointed high heels, then you instantly become stylish and stylish, and feminine increase, of course, you can still wear round round high heels in the workplace, but want to look at the occasion dash Head heels must not be absent. Wedge shoes in recent years has rarely appeared in the fashion week, but also almost not seen in the streets of people's feet, and now is not the era of wedge shoes. If you prefer generous heel, then the square heel shoes is absolutely suitable for you, you can follow the decoration and fabric, the performance of different feelings, can be elegant, but also personality, the focus is to put on a simple fashion.

All the rage of the British Oxford shoes, but in the prevailing, but a pair of hands, but now the British wind is no longer popular, and Oxford shoes often give a more serious, serious impression. If you want to look stylish and not cumbersome, try sports shoes! Do not be afraid to match it with the dress, you will definitely fall in love with leisure and recklessness of their own. Even if it has been out adidas women of the student adidas superstar period of the people, seems to be "hot when the holiday" this matter constraints, and the British mind in adidas new shoes the summer of choice, is flying to the Spanish coastal city of Barcelona, 鈥嬧€媏njoy Not soaked in the blue sea water, is soaked in red wine prepared into the fruit of wine Sangria days.