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A pair of cats and heels come in spring to make your cats steps light

The original cat and heel shoes were designed for 13-year-old girls. In order to easily transition to higher heels after they grow up, kittens and training shoes are the first steps to becoming beautiful. Compared to high-heeled shoes, short-heeled cats and heels are not too light, but compared with flat-bottomed shoes, it is more elegant and refined. This set of cats and shoes with light and elegant style is suitable for all kinds of wear. It is also effortless. The basic models of cat heels are also classic models, adidas boots simple and generous style, the official sense is relatively strong, for the workplace women can not wear too high heels is a gospel, with business wear, elegant Fan Li is now. With retro temperament cat heels, the most common with non-jeans jeans, exposing the heel of the cat and heel style, with nine points of the jeans, in the gradually warmer season, even more high was thin. The upper is irregularly streaked, and the upper with a slight flash of light is elegant and extravagant, with a pointed design and even longer legs. The shoe upper has a special color matching design with a grid and solid colors. The upper edge of the shoe's mouth is decorated with a ring of metal rings and it has a little modern style.

The classic shallow-spicy design reveals more adidas superstar foot skin, which is even more pronounced and slim. The sequined upper has a little sparkle at adidas women all angles. The upper is made of real silk satin, microfiber leather is used as inner, rubber sole is non-slip and abrasion resistant, the upper fabric exhibits low-key luster, and the classic style is elegant and charming. Striped fabric retro temperament, big bow decorated in the toe, adding a sweet, one-button design is easier to wear. A 5 cm cat with a 1.5 cm midsole thickness, wearing a 6.5 cm taller immediately, a high-end thin shoe, and the letter with a tight design is the crowning touch. The toe cap is small, and the upper foot is more comfortable than the high-heeled shoes. The design of the shallow mouth heel shows more slenderness of the ankle and reveals the femininity of the lazy nature. The design of the small V mouth + bow makes the shoes a little more sexy and intellectual beauty, the amount of adidas superstar design after the strap is very clever, wear is not easy to lose.