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A pair of ordinary sandals, but also piercing the feeling of fashion!

Speaking of sandals, everyone is certainly not familiar with it, especially in this hot summer, it is absolutely unique. So that a pair of ordinary sandals we have to understand what kind of fit for yourself? Love beautiful girls in the summer is not only need a beautiful dress or a sexy shorts, but also have a pair of matching sandals to wear to make a whole has been greatly improved, whether it is flat or high-heeled sandals fish head strap Shoes, or casual comfortable adidas store wedge shoes, depending on your dress different styles, this pair of sandals are able to add more glory for you, enhance the details of Aspect.

Sandals are divided into many types: flat heel, slope with, high heel and so on. One of the reasons people like it adidas sale is the coolness of ventilation is similar to slippers, of course, to attend important occasions, or run to do exercise, as well as driving the vehicle when it is not properly wearing sandals. However, the holidays we go out to play when the beach to walk, amateur when the most suitable for wearing sandals. Because it has a very simple structure, easy to wear the main is cool. Feet thin, small girl for thin belt sandals. In fact, the thin belt than the coarse and light more elegant and elegant some generous, a large area of are feet exposed, making the feet more visually full. Feet slightly fat, legs slightly thick girl, it is recommended to choose wide sandals, to avoid too much bare feet, can hide defects. Feet bare strip, will be visual extension, look more slender legs. Put on a pair of comfortable sandals and then with the adidas adidas shoes running shoes elegant style of the wind dress, the United States people suffocate. Wear out accidentally will be treated as a focus!