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A thousand miles begins with a single step

Warm spring will break, summer solstice, taking advantage of the breeze is warm, the sun is not dry, about a few friends, go climbing mountains, take a look at the mountains and rivers, breathe fresh air, after all, a good pastime. But climbing is not an easy thing, not only to test the climbers of the physical and endurance, the equipment requirements are very high, a pair of comfortable hiking shoes is particularly important. The ideal hiking shoes are mostly made of nylon cloth and leather, which focuses on breathable and lightweight design. Most of the soles are soft bottom, so that they will feel more comfortable in the dress and do not have to spend too much time To adapt to it, put on the mountain after you can go, and will not feel grinding feet. The upper use of double Lycra fiber anti-splashing fabric, lint-free, good elasticity, breathable strong; upper pattern random cutting, each pair has its own unique sense of bone. Soles with breathable insoles, keep the shoes dry and breathable, EVA foam cushion in the end, the buffer movement of the soles of the feet and the impact of the soles of the feet. Wear-resistant rubber outsole, bionic sucker and convex anti-skid area design, calmly face a variety of complex environments.

The ideal hiking shoes should have enough space to open, even if it is wet or snow can wear off easily. Tongue should be enough water intrusion. Suture to be narrow to avoid water intrusion. Toes and heels need 2-3 layers of leather or fabric protection. Toes front to be hard, not because of squeezing or kicking adidas sale hard snow and ice caused by injury toes Heel more hard to increase the progress period, the stability of the adidas sneakers foot, downhill to stand foothold. The upper with breathable and environmentally friendly net yarn fabric, even the whole package of upper, but also dry and comfortable; heel and toe with outdoor TPU crash material, can effectively avoid sports damage; granular non-slip rubber outsole, soft and comfortable , The grip is stronger, more adidas women wear-resistant from the use of hiking shoes considerations, the choice needs to consider these factors: to maintain balance, support the body, cushion cushioning ability, hard soles, water resistance, shoes for weight. It is difficult to climb in the woods or climbing, hiking shoes to be able to protect the ankle, heel and toe support force and enough smoothness.

Shoes with waterproof wear-resistant Oxford cloth, comfortable and breathable; high-elastic MD wear-resistant rubber outsole, comfortable feet, good resilience. Anti-collision toe, effective protection of the foot, wear off the convenience of the ankle has a protective effect. Wear it, show different exploration charm. Professional hiking shoes design of the large fabric is very particular about. Professional hiking shoes because of adidas stan smith the different types, in the design of large shades of different. Even if the same type of hiking shoes, due to the design of different ideas, different costs, the end of the lines will be affected. Low cost, as long as the anti-skid on the line, the big grain will not pay attention to fine lines. The upper by the Lycra mesh made of light breathable; three Lycra anti-collision toe, effectively protect the foot, to avoid injury; shock, wear, anti-skid rubber outsole, strong grip; soft shoes, Changing environment, wearing comfortable.

Happiness is a climbing process, every step is the wind and rain casting, wearing Xiangguan climbing shoes, with overlooking the attitude to measure the world!