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Advantages and disadvantages of sole materials

Leather soles is a kind of their own can automatically breathe and bring the foot of the soles of breath, breathable, not dull feet, can automatically release the absorption of sweat to keep the feet dry. Leather soles to leather-based, higher prices. Its advantages are easy to shape, the same type, fit, good elasticity, can reduce the impact and not fatigue, ventilation, absorption of moisture, etc., while easy processing, type easy to show beauty. Hard texture is not easy to be pierced, but by water, oil soaked after easy to warp deformation or rot. Its main features 1) have a good thermal insulation to ensure that the feet in the shoe within the appropriate temperature 2) light weight, weight per square centimeter in the 0.95 ~ 1.05 grams, just the same as the water density. Can be waterproof and in the shoes no longer wet when the release of moisture adidas superstar to ensure that shoes in a comfortable state. 3) Unique three-dimensional fiber structure, the soles are not broken when bent at 180 degrees. Can be effectively adapt to the foot shape, can effectively support the impact of the ground than the same thickness of other materials soles more effective protection 2, rubber bottom (RB): RB is the English rubber (rubber) abbreviation; hot plastic molding, sub-natural rubber With recycled rubber. Weight, oil resistance, molding at the end must be rough in the face, the temperature is easy to shorten, the color is inconsistent Advantages: good wear resistance, non-slip, flexible, easy to break, softness is better, good extension , Shrinkage adidas women stability, good hardness, adidas sneakers good bending, waterproof. But not hard, easy to be penetrated; breathability, hygroscopicity is not good, afraid of oil soaking, not in the car gas station and other contact with the oil (the quality of the problem), not easy to corrosion (environmental issues) Place to wear. Polyurethane (PU): polyurethane is a short polyurethane, the English name is polyurethane, it is a polymer material, made of A / B / C polyester foam, oil and water two kinds of oil. Is a new organic polymer materials, known as the "fifth largest plastic", and more for the manufacture of high-grade shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes and so on. Advantages: low density, soft texture, good flexibility, comfortable and lightweight; good resistance to oxidation, excellent wear resistance, resistance to bending performance, high hardness; excellent shock absorption, anti-skid performance; better temperature performance; Good chemical resistance; adidas sale easy to corrosion conducive to environmental protection, not easy to fold. Disadvantages: strong water absorption, easy to yellow, easy to break, elongation is poor, impatient, at the end of perishable, poor ventilation.