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As long as the shoes selected, everyone is a big long leg!

Both men and women, each season requires a wide range of shoes to match their daily wear Oh. An instant New Year is over, do you want to choose a few pairs of shoes winter wear it? adidas women In fact, the choice of shoes is also very simple, as long as a few strokes, absolutely let you satisfied. The choice of shoes should also be based on their style of dress to be set, Japan and South Korea is easy to wear with a pair of casual shoes to match Oh ~ and casual models of shoes for everyday life is even more natural. But winter shoes, we must adidas superstar pay attention to keep warm yo. In order to keep warm, the choice of shoes will be relatively less, so start a pair of simple and beautiful boots is very practical, but also for the thin legs of the girls are more full of charm, go out absolutely attract a large number of male compatriots yo ! Black is a winter color, coupled with the adidas running shoes letters lace, low profile is not monotonous. Classic shoe last super positive, very beautiful at the same time more refined and delicate. Classic round head design, large internal space, not squeezed more comfortable. Wrap around the mouth of wool decoration, the overall gives a very warm feeling. Thick artificial fur insoles, thick and soft texture, more comfortable and warm.

Wool section of the design, closing legs excellent results, not easy to deformation. Inside the first layer of pigskin, breathable, delicate and good, very soft and comfortable. Rubber foam outsole, soft rubber than ordinary wear-resistant non-slip, clear lines, strong grip, texture full. Stylish shoe design, trend and personality. Fashion thick base, a steady increase, at the same time be able to wear a good anti-skid, safe and durable. Shoe edge lace design, breaking the monotony of shoes, stylish atmosphere. Upper in the fur one is also posted a layer of suede cowhide leather, more warm, full texture. adidas store Sheepskin inside, good with autumn and winter, at the same time more warm. Comfort heel, sole rubber material, non-slip wear. Top layer of upper leather and two colors of cattle suede cowhide stitching design, personalized fashion. Inside the use of high quality shoes with flannel, soft and warmth is not bad. Sole use of warm rubber foam material, non-slip comfort and more wear-resistant. Stitching at the surface of the boots is pure hand-stitched, absolutely strong and firm. Booty tassels tassel design is very lively and lovely. Choose a pedal design, wearing more convenient and comfortable.

Boot tube side fork shape, easy to wear off. Leather deerskin build, thick and durable not easily deformed. Behind the ribbon bow embellishment, very cute. Special 2.5cm wear TPR outsole, more non-slip wear. Strong color fastness, able to keep bright and clean as new. The seam pit strength and flawless make it full of texture. Excipients used to deepen the round soles, with wear-resistant, non-slip function, very easy to wear.