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Autumn shoes early preparation, fashionable people have such a vision

Girlfriend yesterday about me to go shopping, a meeting went straight to a shop. What do you think she wants to buy? She went to buy winter clothes. The original is her favorite clothing brand in the sale of down jacket, she quickly went to buy it, this is not cheap, and things are adidas stan smith really great. This can remind Xiao Bian, indeed, visionary people should prepare a good fall shoes. Summer we all wear sandals, the weather once cooler, the feet are particularly vulnerable to cold, it should wear a single adidas store shoes. Now buy autumn shoes, but very far-sighted Oh, cheap and practical, really too witty practice friends.

What should I wear in autumn? We can choose the retro British wind of the small shoes Oh, fashionable and wild, with a small pants or skirt are very nice, soft leather to wear foot feeling is also very comfortable yet. In fact, small series can not wait to wear a adidas originals small leather shoes, long socks with a small leather shoes to wear, but the super fashionable Oh, summer can not stand so wear, autumn season just right, really nice. Afraid of hot girls can also choose their own Baotou head of the fall of the autumn shoes Oh, when the autumn can wear skirts, revealing the ankle and calf of the ride is adidas running shoes very thin it. Do not hesitate to hurry, summer to buy autumn shoes is a wise choice! Genuine leather loom shoes. The entire shoe-style cut very handsome Oh, the upper of the burning process has a retro British wind, small square design has a street tidal style, the design of wearing a loose dress is obviously tall and thin, very good yet. British wind shallow mouth leather shoes. The first layer of leather uppers and patent leather craft so that this pair of shoes are very shiny Oh, pig skin inside the foot feel great, soft and thin, tendon bottom soles super soft, wearing a very comfortable, walking is not pain.

Leather bow tie with shoes. Capable and sweet shoes Oh, senior cow patent leather upper wear easy to manage, gold brush zipper inlaid decoration is very texture, inside the sheepskin insole soft breathable, wearing a sense of foot is very comfortable. Retro British Wind Oxford Shoes. Oxford shoes are very retro taste of the style Oh, exquisite Bullock classic carved upper with a fine artistic feeling, small square head for more foot type, very wild, is indeed the classic shoes in the models.