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Bid farewell to hate days high, flat up your body so easy!

High heels really is Jiaoren love and hate, beginners to go to the grimace also easy to Wei feet, take a step are like dancing on the blade, so small can adidas stan smith not help but think of love and witch do trade in exchange for the legs of the mermaid princess. Do beauty really need teeth? No, no, no! In fact, choose a good style of flat shoes can achieve the same effect. Flat shoes + strap is really a pair of slender shoes, slender shoes particularly thin, knitting staggered in the ankle out of the strap to bring out the slender legs, the plane material is also easy to wear a sense of high quality. Ballet shoes are the most suitable for summer fresh dress. Put on a beautiful skirt, matched with a pair of ballet shoes, instantly have elegant temperament, feel at any time can wind dance, to meet the childhood ballet girl all fantasy! This year's trend is the ballet shoes and straps together, ballet The elegance of the shoes coupled with the playful, strong combination, the United States was quite thoughtful. This year many will wear fashion bloggers have long been wearing feet, you do not try adidas running shoes it? Rome sandals are endless reason is absolutely reasonable, after all, which small fairies will refuse and comfortable and not pick the design? A pair can get rid adidas stan smith of all the fear of being dressed in high heels, if adidas outlet you have not, then have to start a pair, especially wild Oh

This year's hot little pink shoes can also not put away, it can continue to dominate a summer. Pink, especially a girl feeling, fresh sweet, more white than the skin color, skin white, beautiful girls who do not learn up? Look to wear it, who dare say you are no story of female students! This year's hot Muller shoes hit flat performance is also quite good Oh, completely exposing the heel so that the legs are more slender, it seems free and Fan, but also very comfortable, can be said to be the office to share, recommend to the bohemian Free little fairies! Small girls may wish to choose pointed flat shoes, easy to significantly higher 10cm, less than 160cm crush can also wear large long legs Oh. Pointed design can also balance off the childish sense, to enhance the gas field, the most suitable for changing the style of the soft sister tried!

Comfortable not tired feet, flat shoes can also be significant display fashion, you do not heart it? Heart as action, act quickly, put on flat shoes, will be beautiful and those outside the flirtatious bitch is not the same!