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Canvas shoes what material of the soles of what the soles of the soles are non-slip

Canvas shoes what material soles good: a good canvas shoes, its soles must be wearable and flexible. Proposed selection of tendon bottom, rubber sole or vulcanized bottom canvas shoes. Niu Niu at the end of the canvas shoes elasticity, wearing comfortable, walking without sound; rubber canvas shoes with high wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance; and vulcanized bottom canvas shoes are not easy to crack, good elasticity, but also heat. Canvas shoes soles are rich and varied, with tendon bottom, rubber bottom, polyurethane bottom, composite bottom, sulfur bottom and so on. In the production of soles in the process, different materials need to use a different process, and made the quality of adidas stan smith the soles are also uneven, so MM in the selection of canvas shoes should pay attention to identify the quality of the shoe material.

Canvas shoes what soles non-slip: a shoe material

With the anti-slippery slippery and anti-slip effect of the soles of the general use of rubber material, the more pure the composition of the rubber anti-skid the better. The simple method of judging the purity of the sole rubber is to smell the smell of impurities, more than the end of the rubber, a kind of pungent sour taste. Second, the soles of the teeth non-slip canvas shoes soles are thick, horizontal, and the soles of the deep lines. MM can buy the canvas shoes near the bottom of the shoes to observe the bottom of the lines, to meet the requirements of canvas shoes to give priority to.