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Clean and shiny leather shoes is how maintenance?

Pro who basically have a pair of bright leather shoes, adidas shoes do not know how long the pro shoes wear? Will the pro take care of it? For the cleaning of paint shoes do not use a damp cloth or brush, but should choose the old stockings and other soft things, can not be washed or exposed to chemical solvents, otherwise it will lose the luster of the shoe surface, dry, these paint shoes is not Repair the "fatal injury". If the shoes get wet, apply the dry cloth to absorb the moisture in the upper and place in the cool and ventilated place so that the shoes naturally dry, do not put the wet shoes under the sun exposure, do not put on the air or next to the air duct Dry, or prone to skin burst phenomenon. It is important that a pair of shoes is best to wear every other day. Because the shoes after the day after the sweat will make the shoes produce moisture, so go home, the shoes should be placed in a cool and ventilated place to prevent the breeding of bacteria. adidas shoes Other shoes are also the same reason yo ~ maintenance tips: 1. wear when used, if the mirror patent leather bending parts wrinkle is a normal phenomenon. 2. The patented surface of the patent leather is a resin-like characteristic, no perspiration function, continuous wear easy to breed bacteria, the best way is to use the next day, and after the use of shoes on the place to keep the shoes dry and clean. 3. After use and storage, each shoe with a separate shoe bag to prevent the skin surface contamination by other colors, especially light-colored leather is more likely to be adidas superstar contaminated. 4. Clean the first with a clean soft cloth on the upper surface of the dust and other stains wipe again. 5. Patent leather shoes can not be in the sun under the sun or roasted, and to stay away from high temperature, or adidas superstar prone to yellow and leather crack, aging phenomenon. 6. Avoid contact with oil or acid and other substances to prevent the skin is contaminated or yellowing. 7. slight stains can be used 50 copies of water, 2 hand sanitizer plus 1 part of alcohol, with a white soft cloth soaked (not dripping is better) in the upper and back wipe clean, and then placed in the ventilation naturally dry can.