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Cool children come back!

All kinds of fashion bloggers autumn and winter is necessary to Shuishu shoes, today Xiaobian recommend to you are brand shoes, leather material for everyone's feet hundred percent care, of course, models are also quite convergence trend, fashion Bo master of the classic street, sweet route of the sister of the paper, you can also change the style, go down the cool Fan to give you the male pottery friends for a shape concave, autumn and winter of the Almighty God is nothing but it! This is a pair of Chelsea short with Martin boots, the overall shoe is used in a simple style, making this pair of shoes look very generous look good, and the bottom of the shoe is made of this rubber material, so this pair of shoes Wear on the feet will not be particularly tired, the most important of this pair of shoes or a pair of artifacts Austrian. Martin shoes shoes tube higher, which is popular retro style this year. And the shoes of the upper is made of real leather, so that the material boots on the feet very fashionable and beautiful. The most important thing is the recent special cold weather, like this pair of shoes because it is a high tube, so we wear this pair of shoes will not be particularly cold.

A pair of fashionable people must have fine fine with the Martin boots, such shoes are very strong in the feet of the legs, and this pair of shoes is made from the cattle cashmere is matte skin to do, such a The upper is the first point is very durable, followed by such a vamp is not easy to dirty, a very good pair of shoes. Martin boots are used to do the frosted pig skin to do the upper, so that the upper looks very have this retro feeling, and the shoes above the pattern is the British style of the wind, looks very fashionable, the shoes as a whole wear in the foot adidas new shoes On the feeling is also very good, but also flat, so we go shopping or walking to wear this pair of shoes will not be too tired.

Of the leather Martin boots, this Martin boots in the design of the time is very good in the side of the design of a zipper, such a zipper design fashion do not say, but also very conducive to their own wear, the overall sense of the shoes are also special Strong, is made of whole adidas sale piece of leather made, very to force a shoe. This is not the winter and the twelfth lunar month, but these adidas store days the weather is particularly cold, so I bring you this cashmere Martin boots, this Martin boots, the first thing to say is the overall shape of the atmosphere is very beautiful , And because the shoes have this little tassel, so this shoe to wear out when the very eye-catching eyes. Although this time the big red green clothing and shoes we do not seem to like how, but we during the wedding or honeymoon period is bound to choose such a red Martin boots to their own to add festive, shoes Pointed design is very time, the side of the zipper is also very convenient, is a very festive shoes.

Deep red mandarin Martin boots, such a Martin boots to wear on the feet is very fashionable, but also very comfortable and warm feet, and the heel of the shoes is a short heel, such a shoe if you are A little girl's words wearing or very fashionable, long boots are also very warm feet. Flat back of the Martin boots, shoes, the upper is a cowhide, leather uppers wearing retro Fan children, and the British wind, the British wind shoes in the recent era is still a very trend, or a Department of shoelaces, So this shoe if it is a young college students wear or very appropriate.