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Count, your height should be equipped with high shoes?

I believe that every beauty of the women know the golden ratio, which is a symbol of beauty. Therefore, 0.618 has become the proportion of each girl dream of the body, but the reality, not all girls can have such a perfect body proportion. But since the emergence of high heels this species, flew to break the deadlock, so that short and not confident for the girls to see the dawn of hope. Because regardless of your height proportion of geometry, through high heels, can make you reshape the proportion of adidas superstar gold body. Today, Xiaobian will tell you this formula, (the length of the legs + heel height) (height + heel height) 0.618, your adidas outlet own height and length of the legs into it, you can get the most suitable for your shoes With the height, so you easily wear out the golden body. Come together to calculate, your height should be equipped with high shoes? For just wearing high heels for girls, will be a pair of low heels with high heels, this will be better control, and this low heels, simple atmosphere of the black hair plush fabric, super rich texture, with the personality of the metal Ring, it is fashionable incredible.

Whether it is work or leisure, this shoe can be used with all your shape, over the temperament of the patent leather fabric, and without modification, simple tailoring, the perfect modification of your legs, wear a special range of children. The weather slowly warming up, the cool who have put on a cool dress, this time, we must come to a pair of exquisite high heels, in order to highlight your feminine, not tall and low adidas sale heel height, so that your legs look Especially charming. Shoes light good-looking, naturally is not enough, this rough with high heels, adidas boots not only beautiful shape, unique side with the design, greatly increased with the ground contact area, ease the body for the foot caused by the pressure, Comfortable. Every girl has dreamed of having a pair of red high heels, put it on, cast a big red lipstick, this is the goddess of the standard, pointed toe, thin heel, and both are full of faint charm , People put it down. To say what the design can show the most sexy woman, Xiao Bian first thought is that this word buckle high heels, not rough not thin lace, the perfect show the most slender ankle, both thin and sexy The