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Different occasions, a few pairs of men's essential shoes

Men in different occasions should have different wear, different from girls. Boys do not need to be very concerned about the appearance, but must be decent and generous. Such as going to exercise to change sports shoes, meeting business shoes, leisure shopping sneakers canvas shoes and so on. Classic basic models Block Locke carved shoes, exquisite workmanship, the upper cortex to create a unique vintage retro style. Cortex soft and comfortable, less prone to wrinkles more durable. Sole is non-slip design, style fashion wild. Using classic adidas shop adidas originals black and white hit color design, create a unique fashion and wild. Casual shoes style, soft and comfortable material does not shave, the side is a classic brand logo, to create the trend and fashion, leisure Joker. Simple solid color leather business models leather shoes, exquisite workmanship, is a fashionable British style, casual and stylish. Lace design is relatively simple, easy to wear off. Soft leather does not wear the adidas superstar foot, not wrinkled.

Very stylish casual Gump new adidas shoes shoes, the contrast of the color line is the fashion element, to create a sophisticated and stylish style. Sole softer, non-slip and wear-resistant, lace style is also very casual, comfortable to wear wild.