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Do not wear high heels! According to the height of the test finished again to buy adidas store later

High heels is a lot of love MM favorite, but many people are it love and hate ah, grinding feet, heel too hard and other problems, that MM who thought is why? It is because did not buy shoes ah, the size of the inappropriate will lead to these problems Oh Xiao Bian first teach you a test method, according to height to choose their own high heels are not late ah. Mathematicians confirmed that the golden point will be better to see, more harmonious and more comfortable. For example, the most perfect body is equal to: the distance from the navel to the soles of the feet / head to the foot of the distance asymp; 0.618. Low is like partial flat shoes and high children's favorite, do not have to wear to consider the problem of walking tired, a high degree of moderate also to solve the high MM wearing high heels desire. Shallow mouth design can reveal your exquisite feet, pointed design with the design of flowers, so that the original sexy feel add a bit sweet taste. Simple version of the type plus rivet design, it seems the atmosphere without losing the sense of the tide. A variety of wild colors, suitable for the streets, travel and other occasions Oh See Xiao Bian is also heart ah! Selection of adidas boots ultra-fibrous material, comfortable and soft, not grinding feet. Low-heeled design also allows you to even walk a long time will not feel tired Oh With nine points of the jeans or wide legs can also be long legs Oh

Fashion pointed design, is the most classic and most popular fashion elements, a small tip can always reveal a trace of a small sexy taste. With jeans or suit pants are nice to see Oh. Velvet bow decorated, full of sweet and sexy both, the perfect high-heeled ratio design, the foot is not only high, not easy to tired. Suitable for street or party and other occasions. Uppers elegant bow decoration, sweet and elegant temperament, put on to add a charming. Exquisite shoe last design, give you a sense of comfort, heel intimate design allows you to walk away from the tired, adidas originals like the MM do not miss Oh High-heeled to meet a lot of girls on the lack of defects, but also a lot of fashion people most often wear with high, it is very slender, with the dress is the most perfect cp. MM wear high-heeled when we must choose with a more stable Oh

Stylish pointed design, can be a good modification of female feet, so that feet look slender. While showing a sexy charm. PU inside to give you a comfortable experience. Like the MM do not miss it Selection of high-quality soles fabric, non-slip wear, so you peace of mind to walk. Pointed and the design of the buckle all the time exudes an elegant sexy beauty. Feeling wearing self-confidence on the rise of friends.