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Do not wear high heels? A trick easy to adidas superstar get!

As the saying goes, high heels is a woman's second life, put it, women's posture was more tall and straight, the pace more elegant, but the beautiful high heels have it Mishap, there are always some girls wear high heels, how to do it The Do not worry, Xiaobian tell you how to use the paper towel superimposed, and then affixed to the high heels shoes, heel and other parts, to reduce the contact adidas superstar with high heels and feet to ease the pressure to walk, or buy a few pairs of high heels with thick Of the insole, just in case the socks here are stockings, thin, not only help to protect the foot skin, but also between the shoes and feet to create a greater margin, slippery will not grinding Feet crowded feet. Or all the time to put on the stockings at home to practice, wear high heels just like the newspaper soaked into a group, and then adidas stan smith wrapped with a dry newspaper, put it in the shoe grinding feet, can be closed in the Plastic bags, the next day you can wear, to ensure that do not wear the legs are aware of the zipper bad can be painted with a few wax, the same way shoes can be grinding feet, with wax or soap in the high heels grinding feet where a few smear To get, and certainly will not be grinding feet do not think that the hair dryer only blow hair effect, the high heels grinding feet where the hair blower blowing, until the soft and then hit the hammer and other hardware a few times, do not have to worry about grinding Feet, easy to get home will certainly prepare some commonly used tape, put it in the grinding foot of the place, to reduce the friction with the foot adidas outlet friction, over time will not wear the foot, and hundreds of brave Oh

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