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Do you know what your feet are? According to foot type shoes

Do you know what your feet are? Recognize their own foot type, which type of shoes to understand the most suitable, taking into account the current trend of the wind in order to make their feet in this season blooming more charming wind color. Egypt feet suitable for wearing shoes rounded shoes, Egypt feet are very popular, as long as your big toe is not longer than half of the other toes, most of the shoes can be managed. Roman feet for square shoes or toe wide round shoes. The most suitable for your shoes is the most popular pointed shoes; if your third toe longer, suitable for elegant almond head shoes. Small white shoes sports shoes suitable for any foot type, do not pick people, very wild, not wrong is the sneakers. High-quality sports and leisure shoes, sweat breathable, thick base light, comfortable to wear, soles with rubber at the end, after anti-skid treatment! With cowboy, with skirt, casual wild shoes Oh. Thick pizza shoes, black and white gray are very wild, tall and comfortable, with the sex, any pants can be used, low to help the ankle, was significantly thin, very high quality materials. Inside the increase in small white shoes, fashion Korean version, the stars with the school style wind, breathable leather, bilateral ventilation holes, elongated legs ratio was significantly thin, soft and very comfortable, full range of tide.

Suitable for Egyptian feet and Roman feet, this shoe is relatively narrow upper, very modified foot type, visually looks very narrow adidas store feet very fine. British wind small shoes, bow design ladies wind, low-key is very special, small rough with, very wild look good, with formal occasions, the clothes are also very appropriate. Knitted pattern flat bottom pointed shoes, comfortable flat bottom, pointed design is new adidas shoes very long feet thin, shallow mouth simple, piercing elegant goddess Fan, very wild good looking, with skirts casual adidas outlet clothes are very nice. Patent leather small leather shoes, British style, trendy wild, classic round design, elegant arc, PU material quality is very good, skin-friendly warm, wear-resistant non-slip soft and strong. Square buckle shallow mouth shoes, handsome British style, Han Fan belt buckle is very personality, comfortable thick with a little increase, but wear comfortable, suitable for formal occasions wear. Pearl rivet shoes, this section with red and blue ribbon, square head design, its decorative metal parts, heel with rivets decorated with rivets, you can also wear two, ultra-red shoes. Patent leather soft bottom flat shoes, shallow mouth square bow, loose mouth is very real wear will not fall, but also very easy to carry, suitable for folding into the bag, comfortable and durable, do not pick people do not pick the occasion. This year's popular boots, from the South Korean street elements simple fashion Chelsea adidas women boots, wild king, soft rubber material, not only wearing can run, but also climbing, how far away tired feet.