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Dream princess dream, double retro and sweet Mary shoes it

Hello! You little fairy, we adidas running shoes meet again! Xiaoqing today with everyone Amway Mary Jane shoes. Reject high heels, too tired! Refused to flip, too ugly! Refused to Rome shoes, too cumbersome! Put on a pair of retro and sweet Mary Jane to embrace the spring! You are the small crowd in the crowd ~ Mary Jane from the "BusterBrown" comic in a figure, first appeared in 1902; also said that Mary Jane from 1926 a named "BusterBrown" movie, wearing Buckle tie shoes shuttle in the movie actress adidas outlet Mary Jane's name logical to become the shoe code.

Exquisite beauty of the rust-proof metal buckle, so you wear off the portable and can reflect the retro style, coupled with a unique perfect last type of modification so that the foot more relaxed, simple and sweet show, show women's lovely elegance. Comfortable wild pointed shoes, breathable skin, sweat good, wearing fresh and natural. Side buckle tassel design decent comfortable, to create exquisite has caused the posture, while there is no lack of wearing and walking comfort. Exquisite small square design, handsome, retro and enhance temperament, simple atmosphere, and age Oh! And this is the focus adidas sneakers of this Mary Jane shoes is this pearl, do not worry will fall, is nailed into the leather. Square head and oblique with adidas stan smith the match, to achieve a smooth front and rear vision, square head and round V-shaped shoe design, lines and temperament are beautiful, belt buckle also made a special design, in the shoes inside the elastic band design, Easy to wear off. Whether it is from the romantic, comfortable, texture from the design, or the inherent quality can be reflected as a delicious choice of fashionable fashion women, bring different feelings of comfort, the interpretation of fashion, there are retro elements.

One word deduction continuation of the classic, whether it is black silk, wine red or nude color in the same classic design, quiet and elegant but never disappeared, natural soft style of literature and art, a fresh and refined atmosphere.