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Elegant not tired feet, cat heels let you go casually cat step

A few years ago, there are many friends around the high heels a soft spot, work, shopping, party never willing to abandon it, this Xiaobian very admire! A chat, they say the love of high heels intertwined, sad and half. Behind the elegant and elegant dazzling, but also hidden a lot of bitter experience. From the perspective of visual aesthetics, the human body has a golden ratio, the length of the body length and the length of the body is 0.618 (leg length + height) / (height + high) = 0.618, looks the most perfect. Although high heels for women who have the opportunity to achieve this ratio, maybe you wear it will be more confident, but it does not mean that some comfort. Elegant expression of a lot, not just through a pair of "hate days high heels.

When the baby wants to look at the value and practicality, I have to say that you should have a better choice. Such as cat heel (English name Kitten Heels), we can generally understand it as a height of 3-5 cm fine heels. adidas originals It is interesting and interesting name comes from the shape of the heel, and the tiptoe of the cat is very similar. Compared with high heels, it does not seem so amazing. It with a delicate and retro atmosphere, more affinity and elegance. Less a "dangerous, not so aggressive, but also more than flat shoes a little more gas field, and very good ride, is a great social with a single product.

By the world's favorite goddess of the genus Hepburn is one of the cat's heels, from many stills is not difficult to find, cat and heels have too many associated. Put on the cat with his shoes, graceful graceful temperament glance. Basic models are also classic, simple and generous, coupled with hit color, lace, bow and other appropriate embellishment, virtually increased the feminine temperament. This section is never lack of fashionable degree, with any single product with.

Patent leather bright cat with heels, delicate pointed, side hollow design, better than good. Hit the color of the match with the benefits, giving a good visual experience, no sense of violation, filling the elegant feminine. With high 3CM, do not have to worry about tired feet. In the minimalist basic models to join the sweet lace design, elegant temperament doubled. Matte fabric, comfortable texture. Small feet high 5CM, not tired feet. There are three colors optional, wild black, sweet pink, foreign beige, you prefer more money it?