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Essential pointed shoes

If you do not wear a pointed shoes, you never know how important it is. In fact, before Xiaobian it is to resist, but with a chance after a contact, really feel the pointed shoes is essential in the shoe only a single product it! Helping you to distribute fashion FEEL helpful. How good is the pointed shoes? Look at the comparison effect on the map at a glance, it can make short and wide instep instantly become narrow and long, refined sense of a few times to raise a few degrees. Kind of one second from the rural women become elegant ladies that sense. Small high-heel for tall and straight posture help. I used to think that pointed shoes is very strong attack, giving a harsh, sharp, bad contact with the impression, but with its getting along gradually, it is not difficult to find it is a distinctive personality, unique taste, but absolutely not Domineering good companion.

It can be complicated and simple, only to meet and see you at first sight. Xiao Bian personal or prefer more simple models, because there is a pointed line of such a prominent line is now enough. Red design reflects the impressive aesthetic taste, see the details of the real feelings of touch, people want to immediately have. Slightly able to accept a little complicated design may be around the band. It is light and softly wrapped around the feet, to the naked skin a trace of gentle care. From the ankle spread to the soles of the feet of the smooth feeling did not block the ankle and instep of the formation of a sense of gorgeous legs stalemate to exist. Next we look at the pointed flat shoes, if pointed high heels is an absolute gas field of the eldest sister, then the pointed flat shoes is a gentle little girl. Just such a young girl is not lackluster, on the contrary, it has its own unique temperament.

What kind of temperament shoes? If you still love the round shoes, then your inner dress age is still stuck in the cardamom years, but this dress with your external age expression has a disjoint adidas outlet dissonance. How to do? Let the pointed flat shoes to help. It is elegant and calm, while away from pedantic and old Chen. It can make the little girl dress up you instantly grow up, no matter how your inner age, at least from the appearance of view, you are a understanding of their own, know how to take care of their own smart woman. To a lot of ways to reduce age, can not be afraid of the top flat shoes will betray you. On the contrary, its presence makes the fashion more and more rich.