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Fine high with OUT! Shallow mouth with low fashion and tone!

Wearing a pair of beautiful high heels to go to work, marching it rush day, it sounds terrible? In fact, you did not find a reasonable height, did not find a pair of comfortable shoes. As a flat shoes girl, you also have a desire to wear high heels right? Today, we have to talk about a comfortable service can become beautiful things: do not have to endure the pain of 10CM, from a pair of high adidas sneakers and low side of the heel began to make your world began to become different. 5cm high heels can give you what? 1. shopping, travel, dating, no longer change shoes 2. more than the athletic shoes more prominent ankle, increase the calf length 3. running, step or jump, not because of the uncomfortable and uncomfortable feet 4. Product at first glance was sweet and lovely tender pink to attract, of course, the most favorite or ankle buckle design, fashion and yet charm, bold shallow mouth design, revealing the sense of the instep of the instep, full of charm, with adidas outlet the popular wide leg pants , In this summer will not feel hot.

High-quality fabric, soft and comfortable suede, breathable not grinding feet, sweet word buckle, plus bow decoration, you can have three closed way, fashion wild, non-slip wear rubber soles, soft and comfortable, low With the glass with, can be a good relief of foot fatigue, you can headstrong shopping! Superfine fiber to help the surface and inside, give you super comfortable and delicate touch, rubber made of soles, non-slip wear, flat with the design can be applied to pregnant women or bridesmaids shoes, new adidas shoes ease foot fatigue, simple and stylish The design style, it is worth you to have. Dark green color with a sense of the design style, retro and fashion the perfect combination. Toe classic metal buckle decoration, plus ankle at the small word buckle, very modified foot type. Comfortable breathable feet, anti-skid wear rubber soles, adidas outlet work, shopping will not feel tired feet! Simple but not simple design style, the shoe body is not a little luxury decoration, some is the quality of quality assurance, shoe body selection of high quality first layer of leather, soft and not wrinkled, inside the use of two layers of pigskin, Shoes carefully shallow mouth design, a good modification of the foot type, was ankle long.