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Graduation season comes, buy double strap sandals beautiful and beautiful summer

June is actually a sad season, every year these days, always see a lot of people busy figure. Graduates pick up their own desks, pick up their own dormitory, not long before, graduates and no longer have any intersection here. College entrance examination just past, before the results did not come down, many people will choose to go out to play, take a good look. Of course, there are those who will enter her into the community graduates, their mood may be less wonderful, after all, into the community after the really is no longer a child, what things have to worry about their own, and no one will take the initiative for You lend a helping hand! Graduates who are about to enter the university should go out and relax, and those who are about to enter the community should relax. After work, in fact, not so much time to let us travel, taking advantage of the time just backpack, about a friend to go away and travel it! Speaking of travel, you adidas store have to say this year's fire with the straps sandals, full screen are the feeling of Bohemian wind, especially beautiful! And very wild. Usually go out with only a simple T-shirt and shorts can be beautiful and concave shape! Very a pair of shoes in Europe and the United States, the shoes are PU fabric, soft and comfortable feet, not tired feet Oh The upper is a matte leather fabric that looks particularly tall. The middle is hollow, breathable is also good, strap design, let the feet of their sister looks more small Oh.

Very casual a sandals, soles are used in rubber fabric, very wearable Oh! Walking comparison of the shoes of the sister who can try Oh! With about four centimeters tall, not high, walking will not tired feet, new adidas shoes especially the comfort of this sandals is flat, not wear high-heeled sister can choose this shoe Oh Soles are rubber fabric, very slippery, and not very heavy, walking to no sense of weight. There are two colors of black and brown, very wild! Very famous wind of adidas outlet a pair of shoes, adidas store the fabric is leather, wear durable, not bad Oh! Toe is the style of the toe, my sister will wear a lot of convenience! The upper cross straps also tassel design, super beauty!