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Height between 160 and 170, only a few pairs of loose shoes

Summer is coming, for a lot of adidas shoes short girls in terms of how to make their own wearing a very significant thin is a super distress thing. Wearing high heels is still too tired to wear a long adidas superstar foot is particularly easy to grind the bubble, wear is not adidas women used to. If you wear an increase in the summer shoes easy to sweat the summer sea. Even if you want to make their own moments by 10 centimeters is very simple, comfortable and cool loose sandals are particularly suitable for you, this is the gap between 160cm and 170cm, so you are significantly tall and thin The following together adidas running shoes to see them look good ~ simple and generous shape, with the design of the square head, but also with a shiny bright little light feeling, so you look full of sexy and personalized fashion rhyme retro Color design, so that you like London sexy goddess general, highlight the charming style. With the whole hand of the production, the quality given to you. Exquisite craftsmanship, meticulous, soft and breathable, make the shape more flexible, smooth, composite soles design, more delicate and durable. Exquisite version of the type, for the details of the perfect control, not only good to wear, and fashionable, so you feel different fashion style, is such a chic Smooth lines, highlighting the perfectionist thinking mode, by the fashion celebrity blitz, use it to dress up your charm of the road to success. Light and breathable, the use of durable first layer of leather design, wear more comfortable, full of beauty of the lines, so you wear a different style.

Fashionable people holding the dark blue, let you wear out the trend of style, smooth version of the design, highlighting the charm of a woman, retro color design, refined and elegant. Comfortable chilling chic modeling, precise positioning of the curved groove, can make the feet with the upper, so that you go for a long time will not tired feet.