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High-heeled shoes evolution diary

Women have a natural fascination with high heels, and in some sense even exceed the level of concern for the "eight-pack." Or gentle or high-heeled shoes is an indispensable equipment for the women's campaign world. Gentle neighbors, fresh literary women, cold and proud goddesses, rely on high-heeled shoes of different styles. The first time a girl wears high heels, it is tantamount to having a quiet appointment with a man for the first time 锟紺 expectation, caper, shyness, anxiety, all kinds of moods intertwined, making the first step not dare to cross too much, natural Lines and fresh colors, Japanese flavor, moderate heel adidas originals height, girls who just started trying high heels can also manage. Slowly, the steps can go a little bigger, you can try slightly higher heels, more detailed and innocuous, as the pattern color, black and white, houndstooth is very classic, is never the wrong choice, just filled out The girl's inner heart was awkward. See the black and white sophistication, but also aspire to more colorful colors, full of luster paint cow leather, like piano paint shine, plain design, mottled ice crack design Ye Hao, all urban women's modern posture. Multi-color optional, mood is also flying up. Time will adidas running shoes always teach us something, and constant attempts to speed up this process. The previous girl gradually became a goddess of style, slightly raised chin and tall eyes, echoed with silver pointed stilettos, gently leaning on the bar, it has attracted everyone's attention.

The goddess has been doing it for a long time, and the stars have felt bored in the days of the moon, so they missed the green and obscure teenage era. At that time, they did not know adidas new shoes what the troubles were. The most worrying thing was just a math test tomorrow. Rose and pink stitching, pointing to the green time that never returned. In the pure girlhood era, fantasy is pink, gentle and romantic can adidas superstar not wait for time to freeze. The bow is the temptation that girls can't resist. Now, it is on your shoe surface, echoing the romantic fantasy in your heart. The 17-year-old girl is often 27-year-old mature and charming, really 27 years old, but also missed the 17-year-old Sentinel naive, however, time is irreversible one-way street, no one can return to the dusty past, the pink 17 At the age of 27 years old, she became a woman's heart forever and stitched on high heels.