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High heels --- station high to look far away

"I do not know which guy invented the high heels, but it is certain that the world's women owe him a lot." This is Marilyn Monroe often linked to the words of the mouth. The shoes may be the women's another best friend. But because it is very hard to wear high heels, and with the pain, many people will give up wearing high heels. But do not wear high heels, how to have a tall life? Women wear high heels is not just "increased", as Manolo Blahnik said: "woman wearing high heels, the adidas shop voice of the voice changed, walking attitude has changed." Because the end of thickening, so the height of the heel Added more room for development. But adidas outlet the heel height of the high heels can not exceed the length of the shoe, otherwise it will appear imbalance, not only the feet look smaller on the 2nd, but also easy to lose balance. Wear high heels, after all, not to marathon training, so there is no need to let the foot like walking sandbags walking, the more heavy shoes, the more the footsteps, the more easy to trip their own. The entire soles of the front thickening Platform, in the summer is still very popular, so adidas shoes that our height suddenly increased 15cm. And wear it is not too hard, but remember to go downstairs must be particularly careful.

When you have their own shoes, travel has become very easy, as long as the preparation of several sets of adidas originals simple little black dress can be a perfect deal. SergioRossi said: "I designed the shoes are dedicated to the shoes of women, it represents the sexy, modern and eternal classic." Regardless of how the annual popularity changes, the classic patent leather high heels will always have its place. This can make the body to improve the type of leg, buttocks upturned shoes, shoes should be the largest stock of each woman. Standing feet will be close together, starting from the big toe to the toes, slowly in the order of the lift in the opposite direction. Feet close to the ground will be repeated this action 5 times. Sitting on the legs will continue to posture the body forward to seize the toes slowly after the stretch pull, repeated 5 times! Feet on the tennis to carry on the roll, the feet turn to continue to do this action can promote blood circulation, get rid of fatigue. High heels in every woman's heart is the sacred of each pair of high heels have a story behind, perhaps a girl love the beginning of the shy sly, perhaps a poignant love story. It gives us a variety of different beauty, how a woman's taste do not look at her makeup, see her choose a pair of high heels to know.