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High heels old drivers are not necessarily aware of the selection of shoes guide

Buy back high heels because they have not tried to find the toe slim, grinding the toes simply do not want to live. High heels can only be used up, when the money stacked paper plane. After the pain, I began to find a solution! Xiaobian today to teach you how to buy high heels according to foot type, I hope you can see after seeing good heels! Do not be lucky, the new high heels will certainly wear feet! But some high heels to wear a few times or grinding feet, which shows the number of yards or shoes did not choose the right. Want to choose the number of yards, you have to measure their feet long. First of all you want to take off your shoes standing on a white paper, so that others can help you draw the outline of the feet, their painting will be wrong Oh! Comfortable heel design, stylish at the same time do not wear comfortable feet, very suitable for work, shopping, dating women do not need headlines and high heels to stay to the adidas superstar feet to adidas superstar leave,

Black in the low-key luxury, elegant black with the amount of any color are appropriate with the use of high-quality sweat of the ultra-fiber pu made inside, put in the feet cool not dull feet for daily life fire work wear, let the feet out of fatigue , The release of their perfect show elegant and charming you; simple personality fashion shoes delicate soft first adidas outlet layer of leather, cast a big demeanor, the panel without any body decoration, everything from simple start, with exquisite workmanship, with exquisite workmanship You have to pay attention to this section of the shoes, and if you are working in the office of white-collar workers, you can pay attention to the quality of life, Or simple fashionist ... this shoe to find the owner, and perhaps you are the legendary Cinderella.

In the middle of the shoes plus a word strap metal buckle, on the basis of increasing the beauty of the guarantee is usually easy to walk foot, 5.2cm thick with people can look simple and stable, but also the heel area of ??the force So that the foot is not a sense of oppression, increase the classic classic sharp side of the mouth, with rough side, minimalist style, enduring. Rough with the comfort is better than the fine high-heeled, commute and leisure can wear. , Shoe body lines smooth, how to wear a type, is absolutely indispensable with a single product. Delicate touch so that no matter how long you do not adidas store feel tired feet. (Luxury), (breathable comfort), high-end quality fine workmanship, can make you more sexy, more charming, higher, more stylish, more natural. Really reflect a pair of good shoes can make you 120% beautiful! Soles beautiful curvature, soft inside the combination of the human body comfortable curvature, give you super comfortable, not tired feet, so that the foot walking light and steady, it is a pair of good shoes, Take you to the place to go