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Holiday wind fabric, Po photos of the United States burst friends circle

Go out on vacation, a pair of straw shoes and less, adidas store summer is coming, a pair of comfortable straw shoes less. Now the straw shoes are more and more fashionable, a lot of soles are straw, the upper and the belt on the use of fashion design, and fashion convergence, breathable and comfortable at the same time very retro fashion, had to sigh the designer's mind is really simple, The photo shoot the United States and the United States da da! Today we have to look at what the style of the wind of the straw shoes, so that you wear clothing fashion, wear clothing retro, but also piercing a random lazy Fan of the straw shoes, the United States burst your friends circle. A variety of straps, how to tie how tied tied, the basic waterproof platform, neither tired feet, but also delicate, the upper is a delicate texture of the fabric, fried chicken comfortable wearing a adidas store sense of shopping, dating, vacation can Wear it! Cool slippers really cost-effective high Oh! good looking! good looking! good looking! Important thing to say three times! There are black and wine red two colors, black a bit Hepburn wind, wine red is a little warm tone. Black lattice bow simple atmosphere, wine red lattice bow warm and lovely, feel two want ah. Slippers style wear off very convenient, flat design will not tired feet, there is a layer of Oxford bottom soles, non-slip wear, the quality is very good yet. Cross-type shoes on the feet really look good, this is a black and brown two colors, are good ride and feel the color. Suede cross design, basic simplicity, version is more pedicure, the feet are very thin, mainly look fried chicken. Shoes is the grass section, the soles are composite material, so not afraid of worn Oh! Suitable for lazy sister paper style, usually as long as the shoes can be directly to leave, convenient and wild.

Foot ring strap shape is the mainstream of sandals, although in the last winter has a fire, came to the summer is still anger brush sense of existence! Its sexy really hard to shake. This is a black and brown two colors, feel the two colors have to enter it! Shoes can be tied at random Oh ~ visual can extend the leg length ~ soles soft to wear very comfortable. Shoes are also wild to wear what are fine, long, straight, in order to concave shape need to start a pair! Thick fur sandals have two colors, color was thin, green is this year's popular color, fresh and pleasant, especially good-looking. And cost-effective, is not particularly heart ah? Thick to wear up particularly high was thin, simple word deduction from the convenience, walking is not easy to fall, pregnant mother can wear Oh, really comfortable and nice, cross the design of the retro tide full, just take a T Plus a short skirt can go on holiday! Uppers are high quality leather, breathable soft, high-end comfort, really cheap and easy to wear Classic handmade straw hemp rope, to create the sole sandwich adidas tennis shoes full of natural primitive Fan. High-grade metal buckle, adidas outlet easy to use, do not fade not rust, safety can not afford shoes, delicate tendon material at the end, comfortable wear, anti-skid shock.