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How snow days less snow boots

Frozen road after the snow is always prone to accidents, walking people should try to put on non-slip warm shoes, snow boots is the first choice for warm winter, but the bloated clumsy snow boots how to choose to take the fashion fan? Most people will choose the length of the snow boots to do warm artifact to go out, but for those who do not have big legs, wearing a short leg will appear to be short, and the short snow boots can reveal more Calf parts, more leg slender. For the color choice, compared to the bright colors, low-key black, brown, gray, beige and other classic colors easier to match daily, of course, as long as the echoes of the overall wear and color selection there is no taboo. Snow boots itself has the effect of swelling in the lower body to adidas running shoes choose self-cultivation pants, snow boots adidas stan smith in contrast, will be more legs thin, if the legs are thick or leg type is not good, you can choose to skirt to cover Calf, so skirts to break the heavy feeling of snow boots.

Rabbit fur uppers, it is light luxury, but also enriched the sense of hierarchy, upper with matte leather, which uses wool, more warm and breathable, high-quality rubber outsole non-slip wear. Uses a soft microfiber material to wrap the upper, adidas sale soft and full of texture, folding and breathable, warm inside the long velvet foot, simple side zipper closure, go out more convenient. Sheepskin snow boots, soft hair slender thick, warm pace, flexible tendon at the end of non-slip comfort, wool with the fur sewn together, looks simple and lovely look. Vamp with leather uppers, wool in the shoes, warm and breathable, long metal zipper upper design, making the overall shape of the delicate and stylish, Ling Check of rubber soles, look different and non-slip. Non-slip wear-resistant rubber so that you walk more relaxed and comfortable, 3cm thick end design, elongated height, upper use of frosted leather, shoe buckles with lamb hair, elegant appearance. Increased invisibility within adidas originals the design, easy to extend the elongated leg length, large crystal buckle, buling flashing, winter looks different, plus velvet thicken shoes, breathable, comfortable and warm. Suede leather upper, to bring delicate and soft touch, solid durable, metal buckle design, decorated the upper, so that the overall shape of the simple but not monotonous, relief shading soles, better non-slip. Can be folded collar, strap design can be free concave shape, natural high-quality leather, warm and delicate Antarctic velvet, excellent thermal insulation, superb car suture, solid and solid.