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How to choose the most comfortable summer casual shoes for men

Buy men's casual shoes should pay attention to what the problem?

1, feel the length of the foot width and the richness of the relationship between men's casual shoes and shoes, the shoes should be half a centimeter away than the foot of the gap, to ensure that the feet in the walking state and the shoes still maintain a happy tolerance relationship, two The space fit adidas stan smith is comfortable and comfortable.

2, men's casual shoes, the tip of comfort, try five toes in the shoe tip movement is tolerant.

3, men's casual shoes after the help is too high or too shallow, consider the upper will not cause friction on the heel, and then help to make the heel easy to expose the shoe slot.

4. Observe the level of the ankle and whether the gap adidas shop between the front surface of the casual shoes for men is too tight or too loose. You can consider increasing your wealth by relaxing the shoelaces, and using the insoles to solve the problem.

5. Check whether the inside of the men's casual shoes squeezes the shins on the inside of the feet to avoid feeling uncomfortable when walking.

How do men's casual shoes match clothes?

With the change of fashion, men's casual shoes develop in the direction of light colors. In addition, due to the popularity of leisure clothes, black, brown leather shoes can not meet the requirements of people, light-colored shoes ready to go, white, beige leather shoes naturally become the first choice. In addition, white shoes with dark trousers are also not a bad idea, and many young people are now very adidas outlet much in tune with this trend.

Shoe styles, modeling combinations

The key to the harmony between shoes and trousers is shoe-shaped, shoe-folded and trouser-shaped, and the geometry of the trousers is similar. The kind of pointed casual leather shoes is very fashionable. It is well coordinated with trousers or casual shorts. It is a British style. If you don't like this style, you can take a little simpler and the boys' sunshine is refreshing.

However, trousers can be equipped with sports and casual shoes. (Not everyone can accept, but common stars like to dress up), jeans, of course, is equipped with sports shoes, the best is jeans and shoes or canvas shoes, full of casual style.

How to maintain men's casual shoes?

1. First use a soft cloth or shoe brush to remove the dirt on the shoes, and then add the same color shoe cream or oil to wipe, not containing corrosive cleaning agents.

2. Men's casual shoes all use advanced materials, have similar characteristics with the skin, so casual shoes go through 2-3 days, should be replaced, so that the bulging leather fiber retraction, stretch creases, volatile shoes wet gas. No matter how much you like it, you have to give it a proper time to rest.

3. new adidas shoes If men's casual shoes are occasionally soaked in water, casual shoes should be placed in a cool, dry and shady place. Do not expose them to sunlight or dry them. Do not dry them or dry them with a strong hair dryer so that the casual shoes will deform and the leather will burst.

4. Casual shoes that should not be worn for the first time should be filled with appropriate amount of soft paper in the shoe tube to avoid deformation of casual shoes, and then put into the shoe bag or shoe box in a dry and ventilated place. It is best to put some moisture-proof beads. In order to avoid mildew or wrinkles in wet shoes, it is best to use shoehorns.

5. For sanding, remove the dirt and dust with a soft-bristled brush and use the reconstitution spray regularly.

Tips: In addition to the men's casual shoes maintenance work, but also should pay attention to the correct cleaning men's casual shoes, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the shoes, reduce the shoes "life."