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How to maintain sports shoes

?1, sports shoes to adidas sale wear dirty, you can adidas outlet use a brush to wash the washing liquid brush, brush when the force should not be too much, but can not use nails or other sharp tools to adidas women pull the twists and turns on the shoe parts. Soaking time should not be more than 20 minutes (leather surface adidas originals of the sports shoes can not soak in the water), and then wash with water can be. When drying, do not put the sun directly under the exposure, but should be down the soles of the shoe sole in the ventilated place to dry naturally dry, so you can avoid the water into the foam layer of shoes. Direct sunlight or blown with a hair dryer will reduce the life of the shoes.

2, after washing a long time do not wear shoes, shoes should be thoroughly washed clean, and in a cool place to store, you can avoid shoes moldy. Shoes with shoes care (paper group) hold up to prevent deformation.

3, often need to train or go out of the athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, should be prepared to replace two pairs of sports shoes. Usually do not wear jogging shoes or walking shoes for basketball, football and other strenuous exercise. The artificial tannage and nylon mesh cloth on the shoe are easier to maintain, wash with a sailor, do not soak or use a washing machine. Wash shoes when the shoelace down with soap and wash, insoles are the same.


White shoes can be used when drying a few facial tissue all wet after the cover on the shoes, so that white shoes will not be yellow!

Pv mesh shoes, with the old toothbrush water from the inside to rub, that is, if the mesh in the toe, it should be from the upper to the direction of the toe scrub. So that the dirty things on the shoes will be greatly reduced.

Leather shoes, with a cotton cloth wet wring dry, you can gently wipe