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How to wear leg knee long leg

This year, special knee boots fire. Indeed, have to say is that wearing knee boots really good temperament, but not wear so much so many sisters to prohibit it. Not only because of the problem of height and leg type, but also more worried about adidas originals the effect of wear. Among these, the most important concern is afraid of their temperament can not control it! Tie old iron! However, in fact, just pay attention to some of the problems through the knee boots, even if you are a little short-legged, knee boots will be able to change the second leg, but also for your overall temperament plus a lot of Oh. So, what should you watch out for when walking through your knee boots? Quickly follow Xiao Bian to see it. If you can only buy a pair of knee boots this winter, lazy suggested the preferred black, white, brown. Not so lazy but you can also choose the wild gray, nude, dark red. These are also the stars choose the most colors, after all, a good match. (In fact, pink and pink is also good-looking) However, it is worth mentioning that, if you choose other colors, in the mix may require a little skill. But would you like to new adidas shoes ask to live?

Compared to no knee boots, knee boots play a visual stretch of the calf length effect, the formation of the visual sense of longer legs, exposing a small part of the thigh, sexy and full gas field. How, is not the right than the left even more leg length it? If you are afraid of the cold star, the right to wear this time, you can then with a pair of flesh-colored stockings inside. Knee boots thin first element, is that we must self-cultivation, too wide knee boots will make you look more healthy lower body. Many people think that if you wear pants thick legs, wearing tight-fitting will appear thicker legs, so naturally feel through the knee boots is the truth. In fact, this is not the case. Slim knee boots even if you are a small thick legs can be assured wear. You know, over the knee adidas store boots itself has the role of self-cultivation, the seat pan with drape feels better dress, it will be more to highlight your temperament. But in the choice of time, we must remember adidas running shoes that election drape feeling good. Break the blackboard key points! Have you learned about these four important points about knee boots?