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How to wear socks shoes Is the cotton socks with shoes?

Shoes are young people like a shoe, is the tide of each influx of women who go out the streets of the "weapon", but in the choice of shoes when the socks with some people will feel very troublesome. How to wear socks shoes? If you choose the right socks to match the shoes, you can add for their own dress points.

Board shoes are very popular all year round, if it is winter wear, then, in order adidas store to have a good warm effect, shoes, cotton socks is a very good partner. If it is summer, then the socks must be lower than the shoe edge or just to the shoe, if with shorts, then the socks is best not to reveal, we can choose boat socks or socks more insurance.

If it is a sports fan, then the shoes with cotton socks can also be used to see the two little girls in the picture to dodge a lightweight sports skirt and simple shoes and capture our hearts, simple shoes with white cotton socks, socks Higher than the shoes 5-7 cm, like sports people can choose to match with this. A sports skirt and a pair of simple shoes, the last pair of stockings to modify, is not it very exercise it

High socks and socks are available, and the pantyhose and high help plate shoes is also a lot of girls like a dress, the figure in the picture Of the girls wearing black high help board shoes, she chose the socks is 3-5 cm higher than the shoes of the black socks, and finally with a black stockings, very personal, is the girls of the reference Oh What kind of socks is so simple to wear.