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How to wear strappy shoes to look good!

To say that a pair of shoes is beautiful and wild, it is definitely a strappy shoe, and the freely changing straps can be interpreted as sexy or elegant, or playful in different styles, and can be easily held with any single product. You wear long seconds out of the sky. So how do tie-in shoes look good? Well-dressed strappy shoes are beautiful and immortal, but wearing bad is a catastrophe. One of the most troubling is how to fasten the strappy shoes. Generally speaking, the straps are tied to the ankles, which can not only improve the shoes but also improve the length of the legs. adidas originals If the shoelace is longer, you can wrap it around the ankle more than a few times without having to wrap it around the calf, and then tie a small knot on it. Of course, if your leg line is good, it's long and straight. If you don't have meat, you can tie the straps to your calves. On comfort, there is no difference with ordinary flat shoes; on the degree of fashion, it is not bad. Not only does it make adidas stan smith you comfortable and easy to wear, but it is also the finishing touch accessory for jeans, skirts, and wide leg pants. Compared with flat-bottom models, high-heeled strappy shoes are always more sexy and enticing, wearing more refined ankles and an overall proportion of leg lines. Shirt skirts, fishtail skirts, floral dresses, and strappy high heels are definitely not going wrong.

The thick-heeled strap-up shoes not only satisfy the needs of the girls for the beauty of the United States, but also don't wear them, and they can also enhance their temperament. It is recommended that petite girls try their best to choose short-length under-fits to match with thick-fitting strap-on shoes, which can make your legs long and fashionable and make it easier to earn a return rate. Laced straw fisherman shoes, compared to the ordinary fisherman shoes, the details of the exquisite make adidas running shoes you look different, but it is necessary holiday! The strapped fisherman's shoes are not only comfortable on the upper feet, but also look very comfortable with a relaxed and simple shape, and there is a sense of freedom for both body and mind. In fact, the reason why strappy shoes are so popular is, in the final analysis, its versatility and good wear. Whether it is tall, short or thin, whether it is with skirts or trousers, as long as the match, can show a pair of big long legs. However, some people may worry that the legs are too adidas outlet thick to wear and look good. In fact, just choose a retro big skirt or wide leg pants to do the best partner of the strap shoes, it can not only cover the small legs, but also can make the whole Looks more layered. Loose wide leg trousers can cover the imperfections of the legs. It can be used with strappy shoes. By using "contrast" to highlight the delicate ankles, a simple shirt can make the whole person refreshing and competent. , is a very suitable dress for the workplace. Shorts and strappy shoes can be said to be a perfect match. Simple denim shorts can reduce the cumbersomeness of the complex design of strappy laces. This visual complication can be reduced by the large bare skin, making the legs appear more slender. Especially suitable for long strappy shoes.

In addition to pants, skirts and strappy shoes are actually simpler. And how to wear long-sleeved skirt with strap shoes can not go wrong, for all kinds of stature stars. Such a dress can not only block the fat of the legs, but can also be used to highlight your fashionable shoes.