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In the spring, what kind of shoes to wear out more comfortable?

Spring is coming, the spring is warm, and adidas stan smith in March and April a peak period of tourism has been reached. When you go out to become a day-to-day activity for the people, you must choose a comfortable shoe when you play. But how do you choose shoes? Going out for a ride, our first choice is athletic shoes. Flat bottom, comfortable and breathable are the characteristics of athletic shoes. However, sports shoes are also divided into many kinds. Today, Ill introduce you to many 3D flying-weaving technology sports shoes that are used in China today. . Flying shoes gather the characteristics of the common types of light running shoes, and are more lightweight and breathable. Now, light running shoes have begun to develop in the direction of flying shoe uppers. The uppers of the fly-woven shoes are made of polyester fibers and other materials, knitted with various densities, and are more breathable than leather uppers. The entire horizontal knitting upper is knitted with various yarns without needle sewing and no increase. Weight, no friction area, compared to the traditional leather upper, the weight is greatly reduced. This is also the origin of the feature. From the toe to the ankle, the fly-woven uppers sports shoes are a single piece, which can effectively fit the entire foot surface and make the upper and the upper surface more conformable. Meanwhile, in the shoe upper molding process, different adidas women parts can be used according to different parts of the shoe. The knitting density plays a role in the combination of soft and hard and ensures that the upper has good air permeability and softness. The entire upper is like a sock only, and the degree of fit achieves a comfortable feeling.

In terms of materials, adidas boots leather uppers cannot be formed at one time, requiring edge punching and the use of accessories to waste materials. The horizontal knitted upper uses a specially made lighter yarn as a material that can be formed at a time without seams, reducing material waste. In terms of manpower, the post-processing of leather uppers requires complicated processes such as edging and splicing. Many processes in the middle rely on labor, while the horizontal knitting upper uses a digital knitting machine, which greatly reduces manual participation and the cost can be reduced.