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Indomitable girl, you still lack a bag with side!

How can a woman lack a bag? Fairies from the shoulder bag, shoulder bag to the bag is naturally the same! After all, the bag is not only an accessories, or set off the temperament of the most sub-objects ah Delicate and gentle leather fabric with rounded convergence of the shape design, apricot brown black classic for your selection. As if the milk tea chocolate drink down the natural, whether it is travel photography or go shopping, are adidas originals the best choice. Not frivolous thin pink, nor is the rich peach pink, is low-key moist shrimp powder, very special and good with the color. Bag exquisite workmanship and small and lovely, coupled with small butterfly embellishment, simple but without losing the details of the surprise. Vegetable tannage is made of adidas running shoes leather spoils, natural adidas stan smith cortical texture spots, is silently showing a unique presence. This minimalist tannery messenger bag for the temperament of pure and mild wild wild girl. Round handbag, both retro and very stylish. Surface texture of the three-dimensional tailoring design, both the embodiment of the girl's heart; large capacity of the liner, but also easy to travel intimate baby.

Cowboy carefully cut, made of generous minimalist hand bag. Easy zipper, thin on the thin design to facilitate the control of manpower. Although the clutch, but the capacity is moderate, usually go out of the basic items can be loaded. Bumps are similar to the shape of dumplings, small and lovely, add a material such as wood on the design, adding some highlights. This is some of the official adidas tennis shoes but slightly cute bag, with many different types of clothing, gentle wild colors can also be a variety of occasions, you can wear it to the official social, but also for different autumn and winter casual dress The Retro shoulder Messenger bag, choose to plant tanned leather, hand-made, shoulder strap can be adjusted, there are widened pads shoulder film. Plant tanned leather fresh and elegant, suitable for a whole lazy summer.