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Into the workplace, high-value shoes with the most appropriate dress

Workplace is not like in school, wearing a bad first will make your impression sub-discount, prepare a set of professional equipment is necessary. In addition, the choice of shoes should also be a little heart. Think about it, a set of professional suit suit, with a pair of loose shoes, how to see are very contrary to the sense. Do not have too old-fashioned, or to wear clothing with young people's posture ~ want to spend a low profile of their internship career, you can try to wear thick heels. Compared to the fine heels of the elegant, thick heel shoes to wear more rich retro feeling. Rough with the style, whether it is low or high heel, the difference is not big, the most important comfort it has. Daily work, wear thick heel shoes are also higher comfort. Not through the high heels of the girls, you can start from the coarse with the style began to try. Can give you a more comfortable wearing experience ~ thick heel itself is very retro feeling, coupled with the dark shoes of this, retro means more intense. There are black, khaki and kudzu three different colors to choose from. Cross-strap design, wear a higher degree of fashion, not easy to fall, very comfortable a thick heels.

There are black and brown red two different colors, are very seductive; shoe body of the lotus leaf design, it looks gentle more than a degree. And the style is also very wild, very breathable and cool, while wearing adidas new shoes a thin effect is also significant. Fine high with the recognized elegance, but have to pay the price - a long time to wear it is a very tiring thing. For just entering the workplace for you, too high heel will be adidas originals very difficult to control. You can try 3cm adidas new shoes - 5cm height, both to meet you want to wear high-heeled heart, but also bring you a comfortable feeling. This high degree of fine heels there is a nice name - cat heels, it sounds very elegant. Diamond-shaped serpentine pattern, evenly distributed, full of fashion sense; made of sheepskin cortex made, feel smooth, high quality. The upper part of the upper part of the hollow design, matte finish, with a more attractive charm. The use of cattle patent leather fabric, very silky; rubber soles, non-slip wear degree adidas sneakers is very good. Ankle at the strap design, very Roman shoes taste, and quite like ballet shoes, in short, the biggest advantage is elegance.