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It is not the summer and autumn has adidas originals opened the early adopters mode

Do you think the summer is the most heart of the high temperature? wrong! You are wearing a short sleeves sleeveless also feel hot, people have been busy shopping on the new! Or how to say that the fashion industry to first step it, the summer has been promoted to the summer clearance has been washed goods, autumn has opened the early adopters mode, in the end to pick which piece has to start the tangle ... ... Autumn on the new, the most obvious example is Sleeves basically began from the short sleeves sleeveless into the sleeves and long sleeves of the era. Simple V-neck T-shirt, smoke blue is a very fashionable color choice, but the cuffs at the embroidery design is exciting, practical high T-shirt must prepare one. How can such a color to describe it? Like ripe grapes. There is no lavender-style sweet and romantic. But this deep color is that people feel and seasons take a little bit slightly deep slightly lazy, in the trumpet sleeves and hollow under the decorate is still full of vitality. Hit color love stitching, which is very tricky sentence, hit the color and splicing together in the business life, adidas new shoes we can often see the same scenery. Striped stitching coupled with a unique adidas sale hollow design, so simple and simple long sleeves T extended a lot of fun, dotted the scenery of autumn.

Good body enough confidence, of course, you can wear a short jacket, revealing a length of pretty waistline, how exquisite have caused visual effects ah. National style full of embroidery and printing, V-neck horn sleeve, which is to let you become a single product of attention, do not miss. Want low-key moderate style, we can choose a small fresh chiffon shirt. Chiffon light and transparent personality, you can blur the twilight and early autumn of the boundaries, the practicality may be higher. In the lantern sleeve cuffs dotted some fresh flowers, the overall shape more agile and lovely. Dark color is not terrible, dark lines can also get a small fresh and the distance between the professional wear. Small collar collar of the delicate workplace is neat and neat, and the lotus leaf lofty sleeves with a Smart, seems adidas originals to be able to see the playful little girl smart eyes.

One to fall, must have one or two sweaters, in order to deal with the cold autumn. Bat shirt design is very thin, the most important is a simple knitting pattern can also be made into a fringe image, back playful lace design full of girls heart ah, with trousers with umbrella skirt are properly da. Fun splicing is to be bold and vivid, with unexpected thinking achievements unexpected effect. Velvet and net yarn stitching, retro and fashion collision, elegant and light Smart, like a summer like a fall, autumn fresh taste to try it.