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Know a few styles, otaku do not worry about shoes ugly

In addition to clothing, shoes are definitely the most can not ignore the boys with the details. Men in the various details of the mix, the men's shoes is an important part, and even the overall wear of the ride. There was a survey that women concerned about the first male eyes from the shoes look. Whether with a decent, often determines the woman for a man's first impression is good or bad. The suede is also called the skin, is the skin surface polished into a velvet, and then dyed a variety of popular colors from the first layer of skin. Professional called anti-fur, skin embryo to the leather factory for deep processing, a piece of leather will be cut into two or three leather material, the first layer called the first layer, the second layer called on the anti-hair. Suede leather to the texture of superior, elegant and generous appearance of the suede, has become the current number of business, fashion, leisure type of shoes, the main reference materials. Casual shoes with a denim in addition to the production of suede, soles with a wear-resistant rubber material, high-style and the shoes adidas originals at the well-designed to wear comfortable.

It is made of denim leather fabric, made of very durable, suitable for a variety of occasions, whether it is casual or office is a good choice. Retro carved shape to increase the style of this shoe art, generous and rich artistic atmosphere. A shoe with a shell design, for the top of the shoe is not only a protective type of modification, and peace head style is different, it increased the toe of the three-dimensional. The first layer of cowhide fabric selection, coupled with the selection of shells toe, making the whole shoes in the three-dimensional at the same time increase the texture. Simple color looks very calm, not fancy, steady thick. All along, a simple and convenient shoe type was loved. Because it is different from the way most of the use of the use of lace, but with a direct can be set into the wear method was called "lazy shoes." Because this way of wearing is very simple, even one foot can be put into the foot, so there is another nickname called "a pedal." Most of the pedal has been a canvas as a fabric, and a pedal because of its easy way to wear, has become a lot of influx of people love. This animal graffiti decorative canvas shoes, suitable for passionate and unrestrained you, who said straight men can not wear flowers, boys can not have anything to do with the girls - camouflage pattern has been used by the uniform and many boys as Heart of love, if you really can adidas store not hold adidas shoes above the colorful animal graffiti, this slightly low-key stable pedal is definitely your favorite choice.