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Martin boots can not just wear, adidas superstar so wear only taste!

Now Xiaobian want to tell the story! The origin of Martin shoes: As early as 1945 in Germany, a doctor called Dr. Klaus Maertens and his friend Dr. Herbert Funck skiing in the Alps, accidentally broke his feet, in the rehabilitation process, in order to make their own walk Easily, Dr. Martin and his friends designed a seemingly rude, but very comfortable boots to wear. In two years, this design will be registered in Germany, to 1959, this shoe is very popular throughout Europe. Walking on the road, walking in the mall, a very fashionable Martin shoes will always appear in front of the Martin shoes have a can not be ignored the existence of temperament instantly become very high fashion, temperament girls are so wear out of.

Leather flat down plus cashmere boots, Europe and the United States big fashion, heavy recommendation, Jane art of big names, smooth lines, full of personality, boots body rivets decoration, enjoy the interpretation of low-key luxury, reflecting the vivid beauty. Low-heeled bare-tube bare boots, slope with round head, three colors at random selection, your fashion exclusive. Each pair of shoes should be cut in the same leather, to ensure that the shoes of the texture, color consistent. The soles are thickening rubber at the end, very soft, very comfortable, more convenient Oh ~ turn hair leather short boots, shallow mouth scratches Korean version adidas originals of Martin boots, 100% of the first adidas running shoes layer of cowhide production, wild fashion trendy style, comfortable feet soft , Classic simple retro design style, this shoe a good choice, in line with the needs of the public, wearing comfortable and uncomfortable yo ~

British style Martin boots, with the leather design, comfortable, stylish, cost-effective. The trend of chaos, so that fashion has become increasingly dazzling. Now, the simpler and more attractive. Simple design, luxury will be hidden in the shoes of every detail. Handmade leather flat with Martin shoes, selected imports of the first layer of leather, flexible and delicate, fresh and natural sense of color, set off the beauty of the skin of women. Exquisite hand-sewn, outline the elegant curve, 2.5CM flat with the design, simple and comfortable, boots sideways hand flowers, generous decent, simple and complete complex. Retro leather thick lace with a adidas originals small shoe, the upper use of buffalo oil wax skin, delicate touch, feel comfortable, shiny natural. Comes with retro-style charm, wear-resistant wear and tear. Four rows of neatly crossed in the upper, swaying, full of beauty. Rough with round bottom of the motorcycle boots, exclusive design, professional and stylish to create a comfortable and comfortable. Wear-resistant non-slip design, even if you wear large size shoes, you can also look at your little feet