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Martin boots how to distinguish between true and false attention to these five details

Sturdy and durable Martin boots is an indispensable element of fashion culture, generally divided into short, medium and high three types, short style is more common. Martin boots is a need to raise the boots, its shape will be slowly changed according to the owner, so everyone's shape of the Martin boots to the last are not the same. Do you know Martin boots, can you know Martin boots? Now what products are counterfeit goods, you know how to distinguish the true and false Martin boots it? Here to learn to understand it Martin boots are the beginning of the face of the workers market. But Martin boots quality of the bar, and hardness, playing kicking when people, lethal strong, is simply the footwear sector of Nokia. This shoe was engaged in rock and roll, and then began to swept away. Dr. Martens originated in Germany in 1945, a doctor named Dr. Klaus Martens and his friends skiing in the Alps, accidentally broke their feet, in the rehabilitation process, in order to make their own walk easier , Dr. Martin and his friend, designed to wear the shoes with the boots to wear, because very comfortable, two years later they put the design in Germany registered for those who have old legs or low back pain in the production of German women health care shoe. 1959 was strongly supported by women, selling well throughout Europe.

This is the source of pure British British origin. A adidas store pair of genuine Martin, coupled with the correct maintenance, this pair of Martin to accompany you 10 years is not a problem, compared with the price of shoes now, is completely super-high value of the real wear good shoes, know the love of Martin's friends all Are older than the old shoes, do you know? The Really Martin boots toe is received from the width of the soles of the feet to the tip, showing a symmetrical triangle style. The fake Martin boots on the network are relatively rounded, looks a bit cumbersome. And Martin boots are made of wear-resistant durable leather, can also be resolved from the texture. Unlike ordinary shoes, Martin boots shoes and soles are used in the 16th century Goodyear Weiming process (Goodyear Welted), suture solid spacing of about 1 cm or so, it is this unique, with a high level of manual hand Shoe-making process to Martin boots more durable and durable. On the contrary, the fake Martin boots soles will be relatively rough suture. Martin boots soles is to determine the most important part of comfort, but also identify the focus of true and false. Really Martin boots soles flexible wear, and the edge of the soles will not scratch, press the feeling of flexible and flexible. Soles of the natural color, a little transparent and will not have irritating smell.

Martin boots in the end with or without this thing, has caused fans to discuss the intense, and once thought to determine the true and false standard Martin boots. In fact, Martin boots each batch of goods may not be for the steel processing, the need to spot the main goods arrived. It is because of this time gathered a group of "Martin boots steel seal collectors." Genuine stamps, the font is not deep skewed.