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Men travel: In addition to tickets, shoes is to choose good!

Although travel is a lot adidas superstar of people aspire to, and even their own dreams, but the prelude to travel is also a bit tiring. First of all you have to keep the ticket in good condition, to avoid unnecessary small sorrow. A trip, you need to prepare a lot of things, such as: shoes. Today Xiaobian wanted to give my compatriots Amway some shoes, find a favorite shoes, wear it, let you walk more easily, more confident. To adidas sale a place, naturally, and ultimately to taste the food there, but there are more important seemingly indispensable self-timer. Looking for a feeling of the place, concave a good shape, maybe also concave the fashion street shooting feeling. So a pair of shoes is naturally very important to it! Give yourself a beauty of the United States and then the mood, and then wearing their favorite shoes, riding the "thousands of miles" to see the wonderful world. Shoes, the most pleasing design is its round head toe design, to the whole design of the addition adidas running shoes of a lot of points. Choose the first layer of leather as the upper material, it seems that this shoe is more texture. Put it on, your youth tide show.

Uppers minimalist design, at one go, simple but connotation, very tone. The use of dermabrasion leather after washing process, so that shoes show natural wrinkles. Say old things will be more flavor. This wash the water to do the old pedal like retro, small public design friends can start Oh Shoes, the upper design is indeed very attractive, the use of color design to increase the color of this shoe Smart feeling. Stylish shoe design, casual wear, easy pedal, three-dimensional full, beautiful while ensuring a solid. Dry and comfortable inside, so free to breathe feet, wearing more comfortable. adidas new shoes To this shoe you do not know whether it has been attracted by its warm color design. This is a highlight of the youth and vitality of the color, the design of the mesh so that shoes wear more comfortable and breathable, put it, a steady movement of leisure style. The fabric is softer and more breathable. Simple design coupled with lace, the whole is naturally showing a quiet and elegant wind. With a plain shirt with a black seven feet pants, feel bang.