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Miss cycling, miss us wearing canvas shoes adidas store youth

You sit behind my bicycle, one hand gently on my waist. I slowly ride the car, with you on the campus in the tree-lined road leisurely shopping. The sun shines on the road through the leaves on both sides and falls upon us. You laughed, the wind blowing your black hair, we shoulder and shoulder to sit on the roadside. Watching the shadows in front of our canvas shoes slowly moving. You are in the side of the body, the years quiet. Youth young love people yearning and miss, why not find a time to carry your love to relive? Fashionable wild, comfortable and breathable, durable wear, long wear is not tired, exquisite workmanship, the details of quality, modified leg-shaped, non-slip design. Breathable and comfortable, simple adidas originals fashion, trendy wild, multi-color optional, exquisite car line, adidas sneakers high-quality fabrics, rubber outsole, adidas superstar seamless adhesive. Fresh and stylish, youthful atmosphere, low to help wild, casual and comfortable, multi-color optional, simple style, ergonomic, long wear not tired.

Ergonomic toe design, fit foot type, force evenly, walking is not tired, breathable canvas made, feel good. Simple fashion, comfortable and breathable, youthful atmosphere, reduced age essential, trendy wild, even force, attention to detail, fine lathe. Titanium buttonhole, beautiful and durable, selected fabrics, wearable canvas, breathable easy to fold, rustic fashion, sucker design, anti-skid to improve.