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New York street summer fashion men with wear new tricks

Midsummer's high temperature so that like to wear the men who have to face with the form of simple, not as good as autumn and winter when the multi-level match, you can wear to make their own satisfaction with the type of grid. Therefore, the summer wearing a tactic is for the limited use of a single product with the mastery of the skills. This time, we bring from the United States fashion capital of New York street sportsman with the summer. New York fashioners have given us a good summer experience. Is adidas stan smith to continue to basic models and fashion models of the cross-use, and thus change their own men with style. Originally in the hot summer, adidas sneakers we do not have to continue to buy the latest designer style, as long as the aim of those fashion models, with a reasonable match new adidas shoes can play a lot of new patterns. This year's minimalist dress style has become the choice of fashion customers in the summer. Do not have too many color choices, just a simple black and white can match adidas new shoes the summer with the most rammed wear shape. How can fashion printing in summer fashion style? Tropical petiole and floral fabric of the print style, in your wardrobe absolutely occupy a place, the use of shirts, shorts and other single items will be able to continue to light on the streets to cotton or satin as the base of the comfortable material, no matter how Wear handsome handsome.

In addition to clothes, in the summer a stylish and practical accessories, than the gentleman hat models, flying glasses and tide color headphones, these stylish and practical accessories for you embellishment of the overall shape of clothing.