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Often wear high heels calf long muscle? You look at it

Often wear high heels of girls do not take a minority, wear a long time to feel the calf sweet, so you have experience? According to the Brazilian scholars do research shows that 7 cm high heels will make calf muscle pumping ability to drop, long-term this state, will lead to thicker legs. Of course, is not complete, specifically and everyone's body, standing, walking position related. How to avoid wearing high heels calf thicker? The first point, as little as possible to wear hated days high, the calf will bear more weight, will make the leg load bigger. The second point, pay attention to walking posture, cover to lift a little higher than usual, heel first place, do not drag and go. This can reduce the pressure on the calf and knee. At the same time, adidas outlet the abdomen and buttocks slightly clamped, so that the center of the body more stable. Must pay more attention to foot massage, girls born love high heels, do not give up, pay more attention to maintenance like. Matte texture of the material, feeling particularly texture. Fine with the design to restore the nature of high heels, black, silver, two colors can choose, whether as a job or party, this pair of shoes can add a lot of points. One word buckle is popular this year's style, above the mosaic of the crystal, feeling more small woman, golden high-heeled details highlight the charm, there are two kinds adidas superstar of shoes can choose high, this one recommended to the ladies sweet girl. Fashionable toe, the appearance of fashion, the trend of comfort, walking light without adidas shoes a burden, even if there is no pressure to travel shopping, the use of comfortable wear heel, for the soles of the feet to provide adequate cushion and comfort, walking is not tired feet. adidas boots Not exaggerated yet the color of personality, is the most in the classic, is also essential to the classic models, matte leather texture to increase the mysterious noble charm. Is now a fashion girl a wild crying what cost-effective shoes.

Black is always the most wild color, coupled with the most popular recent strap design, more fashionable, thick with the heel, better walk, is a favorite woman like a fashion is not out of tune.