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One minute teach you to learn small shoes cleaning coup

Every man can have no running shoes, no basketball shoes, but absolutely not without leather shoes, men attend some formal occasions, we must wear leather shoes, leather shoes can be said that a status symbol. However, shoes can not be the same as other types of laundry detergent detergent can be used, shoes wear adidas originals a long time, the sweat in the shoes piled up, the taste is inevitable, especially in the summer time. Thousands of shoes do not want to, my heart can not stand, continue to wear it, the taste is a bit big. How to do it? I have the following small method introduced to everyone: to buy two pairs of shoes, one day for a change, will not wear two days, replace the shoes with a damp cloth wipe, put in a dry place of ventilation. Wear cotton shoes when wearing absorbent bamboo charcoal, socks also need one day for adidas store a change, do not wear dirty socks to wear shoes, no matter dirty shoes dirty. Do not adidas stan smith let shoes into the water. Once the water, be sure to use the fastest time in the hair or dry shoes so that the shoes as soon as possible to return to the dry state, or bacteria adidas boots will breed in the shoes, moldy black, easy to clean up. Shoe powder can be placed in the shoe, smelly shoes can also be improved. Buy a little more than half the yard when buying shoes, and then buy leather back insoles, wearing dirty can be new.

Although the above method has a certain effect, but it is very very troublesome, the effect is not very good. Next I will tell you my big trick! Optimistic about the kind of anti-fouling additives, just add in the production process will be added to the leather in the growth and reproduction of bacteria, the product also has a waterproof function in the rainy day you can easily put on shoes, do not worry about the problem of water. The most crucial is that this additive is a fluorine-containing additives pollution-free environment, harmless to the human body and this additive can make shoes feel softer, but also improve the resistance to scratch and wear resistance.