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Optional men's shoes can refer to the skills


Leather uppers are glossy and leather. Good quality smooth leather shoes, grain thickness uniformity, smooth and meticulous, no wrinkles and scars; brightness, color uniform, bright color, bright, no shades and shades of the phenomenon. With your fingers press the leather, wrinkles appear even small, let go of the fingers, the fine lines immediately disappear; hand mold feel soft and lubricated, flexible, not stiff, and the thickness of the leather evenly moderate. Good quality of the back of the shoes, the surface fluffy soft, uniform, consistent color, no thick fiber and oil spots stains, no obvious wrinkles and scars, touch the same feeling and smooth shoes. General animal leather shoes to wear 2 to 3 years is not the phenomenon of falling skin.

2. soles

Leather soles are cortical and glial two categories. Good quality leather soles, the surface smooth and smooth, uniform color, no oil spots, stains and scars, uniform thickness; with finger bombs, sound crisp, hand mold feel very solid. This soles are plump and plump, tensile strength, abrasion adidas new shoes resistance. Good quality rubbery soles, smooth surface, neatly tidy, each pattern should be clear and complete corners. From the side, the cut surface even fine and no impurities, no size particles organization, no uneven thickness; hand touch, should have better toughness and elastic feeling. If the adhesive shoes, to check the bottom edge to help the end adidas shop of the bond is tight, smooth, can not have gaps, the phenomenon of plastic. Lightweight synthetic resin at the end of personal feeling the best, light and wearable.

3. breathability

Shoes in the synthesis of leather to the worst air permeability (wear easily sweat, foot odor, a long time not only feet can not stand, the surface of the leather will be a small piece of a small piece of shedding). General natural leather shoes permeability is better, especially in pig leather for the best, because the pig skin pores than leather adidas shoes pores several times, the pores are much larger, sweat adidas stan smith easy to discharge. But leather is not as beautiful as leather. To add a sentence is: pig skin is generally used in the lining of the shoes.

4. size

Pick shoes to the principle of comfort. Generally speaking, the width of the foot to the force when the force can be fully developed as well; the length of the toes do not folder top, walking feet do not slide in the shoes as well. In addition, the time to buy shoes also pay attention. People in the afternoon because of the foot slightly swollen, the size of the shoes purchased at this time appropriate; if the test shoes in the morning, you should leave aside the amount of time, not to wear a long time to squeeze the foot.

5. appearance

In addition to pick your favorite style, but also need to pay attention to the suture needle code is uniform, two shoes are completely symmetrical. And then the tips toward their own, flat on the counter, check the soles of the forefoot with the counter contact point is in the forefoot of the center position. If there is deviation, wear on the feet prone to side, leading to deformation of the shoes.