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Quarter-boot ankle boots, beauty is the standard

Autumn breeze, cool every day rich, each season is justifiably chop reason, it is time to update the shoe equipment. Although it is the best choice for this season, shoes, but in this world to see the face, the adidas new shoes value must also take into account. The overall style of sweet casual tassel ankle boots, legs can be modified to lengthen body shape. Fusion of the classic tassel elements with the modern fashion wide boots, highlight the smart and elegant women. Who said the small sister paper sister can not hold the boots, as long as the election on the adidas superstar style, at any time become big legs. Even with only one color, ankle boots can interpret a variety of ways. To the most popular charm tip, for example, it can maximize the delicate beauty foot, shoe body unique bow decoration, unique style to attract attention, walking between the lightly fly, to the United States to play five stars. adidas sneakers If you are tired of the zipper, may wish adidas superstar to double-belt models, to change the taste. The line across the body of the shoe outlines the perfect foot shape, soft suede comes with a small fragrance, on the banquet will be able to take commute under, but also add a unique reflective material, the moment in the crowd of Chinese yam.

Autumn and winter feet warm, Yan value can not be ignored. Want to continue to rely on high-gas to create a gas field, of course, ok. Ergonomic heel, with the water table, taking into account both the height and lack of comfort. Classic black with elegant flouncing, highlighting the design sense. Coupled with the classic small pointed shape