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Shoes, how to deal with moldy can wear it

?To talk about this shoe, which is a lot of people are super like, this shoe is so popular, to see how shoes deal with leather? Shoes, moldy can wear it: shoes, how to deal with moldy:

Skin molds are mostly dry or washed away to close up, coupled with the damp environment leading to mold breeding, so seemingly clean shoes out of the above is a layer of thick mold, then the mold in the end to take How about it?

The moldy shoes to the shoe store to maintain the time, often can see the professional people in the shoes spray some transparent liquid, in fact, it is a mixture of alcohol and water, spray a little on the shoes, and then wipe adidas superstar with a soft cloth Look, you can easily remove mold.

If it is a white leather shoes, you can use a rag dipped in a little vinegar, and then dry wipes clean, natural air-dried, and then on a layer of white leather shoes have a good maintenance role. Some shoes time to grow up will produce small cracks, you can use expired milk to rub shoes, to prevent cracking, but also repair cracks. Shoes do not wear a long time to put up the words, we must give the shoes to do a big clean, inside and outside have to dry, you can once again on the surface shoe polish. The place must be sure to keep the dry, even if not often wear out, through the ventilation and ventilation, so that shoes remain shiny

Shoes can be worn moldy do:

As long as the shoes are good, that is, you can wear, but should pay attention to this leather mold if not deal with wear out, will give people a dirty feeling, formal occasions do not wear out. Mold on the treatment of mold on the introduction here, and not hurry to try.