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Short boots with endless, give you a stylish big leg!

How to walk into the winter fashion, take a look at the summer wardrobe clothes, it seems not intend to be dusty, still want to continue to show different styles in the body, you want to early into the winter, a pair of shoes change, replaced by ankle boots, Let you have winter fashion every step. Shorts and short skirts with different works of the same wonderful, the same through the exposed legs, with the lines on the ankle boots, so that the overall leg can be more slender, shorts and shorts more casual and formal Style, whether it is tannin shorts or tend to British-style suit pants cut, as long as to catch a pair of suede ankle boots, in the autumn and winter continue to reveal the legs. Whether it is a spaghetti straps or more formal dresses, showing the seemingly monotonous season, then with the first, can be made from their own dress material to do with, if the lack of luster adidas sneakers dress, you can pick a pair of beautiful Leather ankle boots to increase the body's different gloss. If you want a little more restrained and restrained style, you can replace the suede style, the use of a touch adidas store of plush luster, add a little calm. If you want to try the style of trousers, the legs are not so confident people say that you can choose wide pants or flared pants style, with loose tailoring and fitted ankle boots to make contrast, it can be clearly Legs look more slender, elegant pants at the same time, but also more brisk feeling, reduce the sense of heavy body.

For the days of stretch legs to slender girls, close jeans and ankle boots with the best show your advantage of long legs, because the same are close personal tailoring, so adidas stan smith that the pants and boots lines to make direct extension of the legs Lines, but this method is not suitable for people with slender legs wear slender, but will highlight the adidas originals wide leg swelling, but also that the proportion of the body lost its balance.